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  1. Jackdaw

    Icebreakin’ on ‘Tonka

    Yea that’s the ticket. 50 foot powerboat meets 4+ inches of Minnetonka ice.   
  2. Jackdaw

    Looking for a yard on the Chesapeake... yada yada

    I got a buddy with a 44 foot cruising cat, wants to haul and do some work in Aug-Sept-Oct. Does not really care where on the bay, but would focus on a decent place at a decent price that would allow him to work.  What say the locals? Any tips?
  3. Jackdaw

    Looking for a tow from TX to the upper midwest in April

    My U20 (1800 lbs all-in on the trailer) is in Canyon Lake TX, and needs to come home to Minneapolis. Anyone making the drive? I'll pay gas and a reasonable 'hassle fee' to anyone that can get her within say 5-6 hours of Minneapolis. All the way to Minny? I'll throw in a good bottle of rum!
  4. Jackdaw

    Cruising boats that plane

    Most know I am huge fan of the Pogos... any boat that allows the 2nd crewmember can make a fancy lunch while the other drives at 17 knots has my vote. So I guess what I like is cruisers than can plane. Another example, the First 27.7. Here we are at 11 knots in flat water in 22 knots of breeze...
  5. Jackdaw

    J70 LOW trailer - WANTED

    Title says it all. I'm looking for a J70 low (boat sits low on lifted keel) trailer. Most programs have moved to HIGH carry. Anyway, anyone looking to get rid of one?
  6. Jackdaw

    The back fell off

    Another navy stepping up to again prove the point that you never win a collision with a container ship. This time it’s the Greeks.  Here they are towing it back into the environment.  
  7. Jackdaw

    Does a galvanic isolator have a 'shore' and 'boat' side?

    I'm installing a galvanic isolator on my boat, and was surprised to see that they labeled one terminal 'shore' and one 'boat'. My understanding of the wiring of the diodes inside make the device symmetric with respect to boat and shore. Thoughts?
  8. Jackdaw

    ST2000 doing crazy ivans

    Looking for some insight. Just added an ST2000 AP and a S100 wireless remote to my pretty standard setup shown in the diagram below. 3 ST60 displays, interfaced to a Racegeek D10 via a Digital Yacht NMEA/ST converter. The 'strip' in the diagram is one of these 'euro' connectors, it came with...
  9. Jackdaw

    Harvest Moon Regatta - pulled the plug

    Just heard from the owner of my HMR ride, they just pulled the plug. Seems Port A didn’t want a party of Houston sailors all over the waterfront. Sad times but totally understandable. 
  10. Jackdaw

    Clear way to manage self-timed race starts/finishes

    Like most clubs, we are looking into ways to race while social distancing, and self-timed races will probably factor. Getting good time can be difficult, not just from a verification perspective, but simply having accurate GPS time with seconds displayed. Here is what we are thinking: All boats...
  11. Jackdaw

    2020 games postponed; what about the 17-20 RRS?

    Do we get another year of this?
  12. Jackdaw

    US sailing couldn’t even get this right

    Pretty sure there is an approved way to tie off to a cleat... and that ain’t it.
  13. Jackdaw

    Coasties in the ZONE

    I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this. Seems the buoy was a mark, but the USCG picked that day to pull it for the winter. What that J/30 is trying to do is anyone's guess.
  14. Jackdaw

    'Bulking' a halyard... best practices?

    I'm planning on adding a 2 foot section of Yale 'Cover Only' to the clutch point of our spin halyard to bulk it up. Twice it has slipped in the clutch in big puff, and much fuckuppery ensued. Is there any best practices to:  1) secure the ends to the underlying halyard? 2) smooth the ends so...
  15. Jackdaw

    Taking down the red flag

    I know its common practice to pull down your protest flag if a boat exonerates, but the wording of 61.1 has always bothered me.  61.1. Informing the Protestee   A boat intending to protest shall inform the other boat at the first reasonable opportunity. When her protest will concern an...
  16. Jackdaw

    Fenders out as to not scratch the lighthouse

    Last weekend on Lake Superior.  I've been around the tip of the Keeweenaw many times, and this boggles the mind.
  17. Jackdaw

    Life with a deep(ish) keel in Miami

    Looking at keeping a 2nd boat in Miami, to be used mostly as winter getaway and three season base for local racing and week-long adventures. Was thinking shoal keel at first, but wondered what it was really like to keep a 6-foot draft boat (think shoal 36.7) in the area. I know whole areas of...
  18. Jackdaw

    This is going to take awhile

    With an average year we're sailing now in shorts. Last year we'd been on the water over a month. This is the ice sample taken yesterday on Lake Minnetonka. Over 2 feet of solid clear/blue ice. 
  19. Jackdaw

    Intel needed on Miami area permanent dockage

    Hey all, Jodi and are planning on keeping a boat in the Miami area while will are still based out of the Twin Cities. My company is now based in Miami, Jodi has family there, and her fondness for bikinis has me totally in favor of the idea. We're looking a for a 35-40 footer, doing OK on that...
  20. Jackdaw

    SLAM ATS material waterproofing

    I have the SLAM ATS Racing Evolution Jacket. The original DWR was starting to wear out so the surface was wetting and not beading water. I used my old standby NicWax TX Direct on it an was surprised how poorly it worked on the material. ATS seems different than the typical condura fabric with a...