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  1. Slim

    Cheap AIS receiver for laptop or phone?
  2. Slim

    2 stroke vs 4

    2 stroke v. 4? Depends on how much I've had to drink.
  3. Slim

    GPS - For the Dog

    Apple Tag if you’re in that ecosystem already.
  4. Slim

    Best rowing tender/dinghy with passenger.

    Sportyak all day!
  5. Slim

    How do cables get from the helm to the electrical panel

    How do cables get from the helm to the electrical panel? Practice!
  6. Slim

    Installing a composting toilet.

    How about a ceramic diverter?
  7. Slim

    J109 Vs J112e Vs J111

    J 45!?
  8. Slim

    Non paint on Non Skids

    Glue some treadmaster to the bottom of your shoes - done!
  9. Slim

    Drawdown of Cruising Inventory: The End is Nigh.
  10. Slim

    Lead Acid vs. Lithium- New Build

    This article features some lifepo4 failures.
  11. Slim

    Lead Acid vs. Lithium- New Build

    What’s the battery chemistry in that Navy fire?
  12. Slim

    Anyone here ever lost a prop?

    Mine was so fouled once that didn’t give any thrust.
  13. Slim

    DIY Stainless Railings:

    Fill it with sand before bending.
  14. Slim

    Heads - Calcium(?) build up

    Have a look - Vinegar, does it work?
  15. Slim

    Non-Stink Penetrant?

    Semen? Wait, you said non-stick.
  16. Slim

    You're not qualified to have lithium batteries

    YES - just like the anchor warz but with batteries!
  17. Slim

    Blocks on leech reefing lines a good idea?

    @Kris CringleThese things are named after you after all, what do you recommend?
  18. Slim

    The Tarnishing of the Annapolis Yacht Club - Commodore Hartman Needs to Resign

    Keep the Cowtown Cruiser Program out of it! 
  19. Slim

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Thanks for sharing those here, Dylan.
  20. Slim

    James Wharram - A Giant Has Fallen

    Be sure to check out The People of the Sea -