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  1. Jethrow

    Australian Sailing

    Yeah, remember when Rule 3 was enough... :cry:
  2. Jethrow

    ETNZ To Attempt Wind Powered Land Speed Word Record

    It's just the classic sleight of hand. Look over here at our land speed toy for GA, meanwhile the LEQ12 has been sailing in some lake in Kazakhstan for months... ;) :LOL:
  3. Jethrow

    Rules question - defining the start line after the start.

    Yes, I remember chasing the bottom mark in an International 14 down the St Lawrence Seaway as it drifted downstream in the current, knowing that we would probably catch it but there was no way in hell the Laser II fleet following us would. Also knowing the race would be blown off before they all...
  4. Jethrow

    Mainsail batten configuration

    If you're getting a new mainsail are you going to make sure it goes all the way to the top this time? I'm guessing it's a short hoist for some rating reason? As I said above, in a full hoist main the bottom full batten will be above the spreader however it will still wrap around the shrouds...
  5. Jethrow

    Mainsail batten configuration

    I think if the second full batten is in line (heightwise?) with the lower spreader then you definitely have a batten configuration problem? ;) I've been trying to re-read you problem changing some of the stated variables and I still can't see a way that the second batten from the top in a 5...
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    because being further out in front of the foil gives better "reaction time" for want of a better word.
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    1990s Schionning Growler build

    Interesting concept with the wheel in the drawings!
  8. Jethrow

    55ft Ketch "Red Herring"

    I would guess that where is off Toronto and when is fairly recently... :cool:
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    Dear Mr. Sidecar

  10. Jethrow

    Sydney-Hobart plus...

    I think he means Ocean Racing Anarchy
  11. Jethrow

    2022 Sydney 2 Hobart. 2h for Tatts

    So I'm guessing these aren't accepted entries yet? A little birdie told me that most of the European 2-hander boats don't meet S2H stability because they race Cat 2 in Europe?
  12. Jethrow


    On a slightly different tack... Did the Canadians get the new boat yet, or are they still using the old Japan one? I'm guessing there's a spare boat out there by now?
  13. Jethrow

    Team HYDROGEN Chase Boat

    you perhaps do not understand the difference between roll and role? ;) Edit: Unless of course you were talking about the seakeeping and handling abilities of the two... :)
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    @Recidivist I haven't watched the video however I would guess that what he's saying is if the Centre of Gravity is directly above the Centre of Bouyancy then the boat will happily sit there, but if the CofG moves to the side of CofB then it rapidly looses that stability (maybe I should watch the...
  15. Jethrow

    Alinghi Challenge AC37

    From the facebook page just now...
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    How long before they lose the windgear on the bow during a tow? ;)
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    From their Facebook page...
  18. Jethrow

    Over-boom spinnaker sheeting on a fractional rig

    Here's a shot of a Soling in that configuration. With such a low boom it helps the spinnaker clew lift & twist better...
  19. Jethrow

    Who is Sobstad Sails 2022?

    I think the telling piece of information is found at the bottom of the "contact us" page...
  20. Jethrow

    Australian Sailing

    Below is an extract from the RPAYC NoR & SI's: Now kudos to RPAYC because unlike some clubs they are not charging for SailPass as yet, however rule 3.9a is the bit I don't like, and it's the thing that I've heard a lot of other clubs are using to their advantage. AS mandates that everyone who...