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    2012 Melges 24 Black Tie Regatta

    Black Tie Regatta & BBQ (April 13-15) A Weekend Dedicated To Racing The MELGES 24 Rush Creek, located 20 miles outside of downtown Dallas, has excellent facilities centered around holding great racing events, including two cranes, launching ramps, and plenty of free parking on and off the...
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    Melges 24 cockpit

    Does anyone have a digital copy of a Melges 24 cockpit to cut out non-skid? Someone has to have them. How else to they sell the pre-cut sheets?
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    RUSH CREEK YACHT CLUB and the MELGES 24 FLEET would like to formally invite you to the 2011 BLACK TIE REGATTA. In getting Melges 24 sailors ready for the upcoming World Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas, the RCYC Melges 24 Fleet has decided to revive the Black Tie Regatta April 1-3. This 3...
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    It looks like the Medcup has taken the next step in live coverage for sailboat racing. Live audio and live racetrack.
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    Melges 20 20
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    SB3 in Texas

    After a long, hard fought J-22 Midwinters, Kenny Wolfe, Jake Scott, and myself finally got the Laser SB3 out for a test sail late Sunday afternoon. First off, I have been intersted in the SB3 for quite some time. When I heard that PSE bought Vanguard last fall, I immediately contact a buddy...
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    US Open and Alinghi

    Checking out the US open and noticed Angel Cabrera's Caddy sporting an Alinghi hat.
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    Since I am not at Key West this year, I have been enjoying it via T2P, SA (thanks Wash), phone calls and the few photos I can find. Saw some photos of Quantums TP52 with DestinationOneDesign on the sail and decided to check it out. Very cool site. Had write ups for the guys racing there...
  9. GLAZE

    Raining Masts at KeyWest

    Just talked to Dread on the phone and They lost their rig on the first downwind leg. And the Thompson 30 Werrier (sp?) lost theirs And a 105. Crazy shit...20-25 out of the South big waves.
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    Southern Yacht Club on Fire

    I have no words to describe what I just saw. Southern Yacht Club was burning to the ground. FOX News was showing it live. Having sailed there as a junior in optis, college, and as an adult, my heart sank when I saw the flames. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there.
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    Morning Glory

    Did anyone notice in the video in Registared Anarchy that MG was sporting some sort of bow sprit. They didn't seem to have it earlier this year.
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    New Boat

    My buddy Jake and his new Mac 26. I forsee some good water skiing behind this bad boy this summer.
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    Clew Gear

    Hey Ed, Now that Clew Gear is a sponsor for SA, can you get them to do some deals like Dirty Dog. Buy 2 get 1 free, team discounts.
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    Numbers SORC '04

    Numbers Farr 60