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  1. Wess

    Mod 70 foiling tri Maserati damaged

    Facebook link here. Tossed off its stand and onto ground during storm it seems.
  2. Wess

    A2B Annapolis to Bermuda Race - 2022

    Race is fast approaching.  Surprised its kinda quiet around SA on that... Website:
  3. Wess

    Pettit Trinidad HD (SR replacement) experience?

    Has anyone used the HD formulation and what was your experience?  Been hearing a few horror stories from HD users in the Chesapeake and debating options.
  4. Wess

    Owners of Large (>40 feet) Multis - How are you handling chutes?

    Looking to hear from actual owners with double handed (Mom and Pop) experience handling chutes on larger multis (at least 40 foot cat or tri). Specifically looking for: 1.) Is it a true runner? 2.) Is it on a furler? 3.) Up to what wind speed will you carry it? 4.) Walk through your double...
  5. Wess

    Dean is American and Jimmy Italian??

    and Terry is a grinder, WTF?? OK I gotta admit I have not followed the America's Cup at all but it was on the tele at the bar last night much to my surprise.   Even more of a surprise was learning that Dean Barker helms the USA entry and Jimmy Spithill the Italian boat.   And that apparently...
  6. Wess

    Sodebo RTW

    Looks like they and one other are getting set for a RTW record attempt.
  7. Wess

    West Marine stocking back up

    Lots of threads about stocking and distribution issues at West Marine and Lord knows it was true in Naps.  But after calling I went there last evening and found all 4 items I needed in stock. Shelves looked much better though not at 100% yet.  Also have a Lewmar 44 escape hatch headed my way via...
  8. Wess

    Challenge for Editor/Scott - What is it

    No cheating Ed.  Ya gotta figure it out on your own.  No help from friends.  Correct answer needs to include:  * What is (or was) it (with name, builder, designer and first owner)? * Where is it going? * How is it going to be used? Oh and I am told at least 4 idiots commented that they...
  9. Wess

    Anybody east coast cruising and want to share covid reality?

    Wife and I didn't plan to do any extensive cruising this year given all the covid rules but am considering rethinking that. Have helped a number of friends move boats up and down the east coast including a few in the NE where there are more rules about quarantine or testing.  But in reality...
  10. Wess

    Goiot Escape Hatches Recall

    News on Scuttlebutt worth reading... Recall issued for Goiot escape hatches...
  11. Wess

    2020 Caribbean Multihull Challenge

    Interesting group of new and old tris and cats in this race and worth tracking. The Carib 600 is afterwards and should be interesting to track as well. Some learnings likely emerge.
  12. Wess

    Favorite (one pot?) cruising meals? What's you got!?

    With my racing days behind me and the kids grown and goe, the wife and I are returning to cruising. Its been almost 30 years. We just finished a lightning strike induced second refit of a recently purchased trimaran and enjoyed a 3 day shakedown cruise.  Its Fall (or Spring down under) so the...
  13. Wess

    Lets talk chutes on a performance cruising multihull

    The Admiral and I own a 36 foot tri that has an additional 10 foot bowsprit (so call it 46).  We day-sail a lot and are cruising more and more.  We are both in our late 50s and double-hand the boat.  Rotating rig w/ main, blade jib, and a screacher that lives furled near but not on the end of...
  14. Wess

    Does anyone have or know... VERY specific gear question

    Does anyone have a West Marine PHP275 (or PHP310) air floor inflatable with a 6HP outboard and know if in real life that combination will get the dinghy with 2 people totaling 350 lbs up on plane?  Yes we understand the downsides and get there are other options but that combination uniquely...
  15. Wess

    How bad does the Navy have to suck...

    That they can't seem to stop hitting shit.  Even parked shit. Says a Navy Dad scared of the idiots in the Admiralty who can't seem to get folks trained to do their...
  16. Wess

    Underwater epoxy repair???

    I got a thumb sized chunk knocked out of the trailing (aft) edge of my daggerboard on a largish trimaran.  Looking for any suggestions on an underwater repair.  There are expoxy puttys that set up underwater and can be shaped but this is a pretty tough ask for any product.  Just looking for a...
  17. Wess

    Cruising the inside passage with toddlers Great article here.  Reminds me of the all the time my wife and I had with our 2 kids sailing the east coast out of NJ.  Nothing as dramatic as the inside passage but there is nothing like family time on a...
  18. Wess

    "Match racing" Schooner Woodwinds... bizs saving sailing

    This was happening right in my own town and I was so busy sailing my own boats I didn't realize what they were up to. Great collaboration by the Schooner Woodwind cruises, AYC, and Boatyard.  And T2P for the film. Nice!!
  19. Wess

    ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder

     Wow.  How many guesses do you need to determine the new builder, LOL!? What a shame it came to this!!
  20. Wess

    Brian / Ed - can you please stop saying stupid sh*t on the FP!

    The FP got redone.  Thought I would revisit it. Found a little article from Brian on the winner of the GGR.  It says in part: "When Jean-Luc sailed into Les Sables-d’Olonne this morning there was a huge crowd on hand to cheer him in. The breeze was blowing directly up the channel that leads to...