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  1. WHK

    Garmin or RayMarine

    You have a good handle on the integration issues. My recommendation is if you plan an autpilot controller, purchase an MFD from the same manufacturer for the best user interface integration. While most MFDs will provide track data to the pilot controller, the ability to use the autopilot is...
  2. WHK

    End of an era or opportunity? Maine-based Victory Chimes, largest operating, CG-approved, American passenger/cargo schooner, up for sale.

    I see Adirondack - II all the time giving Narragansett Bay tours. It's a really nice looking classic! Someone must have put good money in her to keep up with the maintenance.
  3. WHK

    J Boat Gunwhale protection

    If you are in the same slip put the protection on the slip and not the boat. I built two 10 foot sections of fender boards from pressure treated 2 x 10 boats with a 2" backing so they are flush with the outer most surface on the floating dock in my slip. I then screwed in Taylor perimeter dock...
  4. WHK

    "Open mic on channel 16...."

    I wish coast guard radiotelephone training procedures included how to properly do a break. Coast guard operators and many race committees are the worst offenders. They read a long message from a script and when the script has a "break", they do not unkey the mic and pause but instead just say...
  5. WHK

    Autopilot drive - repair or replace?

    I can confirm this works. I retrofitted a friends J/122 that had a Raymarine pilot with the Type 2 drive. It still has the Type 2 drive and now has an NAC-3 with Zeus 3 and Triton 2 pilot control on the sprayhood.
  6. WHK

    Low Friction Inhaul Ring

    Contact BAM at Oyster Bay Boat Shop. He manufactured some.
  7. WHK

    J105 cruising

    Perhaps you need a "parking sail" to keep the boat pointed into the wind. Check this old J/30 article that may provide ideas on how to make one that will fit on a J/105.
  8. WHK

    105% Jib Sheeting Angle - 8.5 or 11.5 degree sheeting angle

    Get these pictures: from deck level at center of sail looking up to head so you can see the draft about 10 ft aft looking forward so you can see the foot shape bottom of headstay looking up - see if you can get mast in picture too If there is another boat get pictures in directly front of bow...
  9. WHK

    105% Jib Sheeting Angle - 8.5 or 11.5 degree sheeting angle

    Take some pictures while under sail. It appears the jib car is too far aft, but difficult to see without wind filling the sails.
  10. WHK

    Connecting two Zeus plotters with ethernet. Crossover?

    Here is what I did for the J/122 I raced to Bermuda for Ethernet connections and NMEA 2000 connections. The WiFi also has reserved IP addresses but are not annotated on that chart. It uses a MicroTik router bought on Amazon with the stock firmware and is powered directly from 12V. The MicroTik...
  11. WHK

    Connecting two Zeus plotters with ethernet. Crossover?

    I believe that the DHCP "look" only happens on power up. Once each device on the LAN gets its IP address, it should stay even if the master is turned off, as long as the network and the other devices stay powered up but would loose the address if powered off. I'm not sure but if an additional...
  12. WHK

    Connecting two Zeus plotters with ethernet. Crossover?

    The wiring between the circular connectors on the B&G stuff is as follows: Pin 1 - TX+ Pin 2 - TX- Pin 3 - RX+ Pin 4 - RX- Pin 5 - Ground The B&G circular connector cables are crossover so the TX signal from one side connects to RX at the opposite end. Check that each port with a connection on...
  13. WHK

    J core thickness

    J/30 and J/29 are basically the same hull since J/29 hull 1 was basically a J/30 that got chain sawed to lower the freeboard. I recored my previous J/30 and it was 3/4" balsa.
  14. WHK

    Annapolis No Discharge Zone

    The Chesapeake was much cleaner when I attended USNA in the 70s. Instead of the "chocolate milk" color it is now with zero visibility it looked more like the Narragansett Bay where I live now. Narragansett Bay is actually cleaner now then when I first moved here in 1981 due to a concerted...
  15. WHK

    105% Jib Sheeting Angle - 8.5 or 11.5 degree sheeting angle

    Why not use the wider angle and rig an inhauler so you can adjust for different wind and chop conditions? That's the way our J/109 has been modified and it works well. The class jib car (105% jib) is at 11.5 degrees. Coach roof handrails at 9 degrees and similar to Blur we found max inhaul was...
  16. WHK

    iSailor - should I be worried?

    Looks like the iSailor domain is dead. I would find another App. You can't go wrong with OpenCPN free open source but does not support iPads. It will work on PCs, Androids and Mac. I have it on my Android phone and PC. There is always iNavx and Navionics if you are stuck with an iPad.
  17. WHK

    Chartplotter Question

    I would go to a store that has multiple vendor displays and look at the various screens. Play with it and decide for yourself. I used to have Raymarine and liked it for a while when they made frequent updates geared towards sailors. The software updates with new features became stagnant for...
  18. WHK

    Calibrating B&G WS320 with Axiom MFD

    Not necessarily true. Only the wireless communications (e.g. the sensor transmitter to the receiver) is proprietary to each vendor. After the receiver, it is standard format. The WS320 bluetooth receiver outputs standard NMEA 2000 PGNs for the wind so anything on the N2K bus may display it...
  19. WHK

    V-birth drainage on a J/35

    When I owned a J/30 I had the exact same problem. It turns out that one of these plastic serrated drain snakes was the solution. It was done using a hose to spray water and pulled lots of crap out that plugged the limber hole over time. You'll want to have a squeeze bulb or other pump to...
  20. WHK

    Putting an asym on a furler

    Understood. Even with a furler, it wouldn't be that fast. There is a lot of material to capture and you'll need to unload the asy pressure to get the kite to start furling around the torsion cable. There was a J/109 I communicated with on the west coast that used the furler with an A2 for...