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  1. Slim

    Garmin buys Vesper

    Hope they keep the product line.
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    (Behind the) Barn Find!

    Don't fall in love...
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    Yipes - Look at the North Atlantic

    Gonna be rough on the west coast of Ireland. Video discussion here.
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    Bareboat options in Newport RI/Buzzards Bay?

    Any firsthand experience out there? It will be a family of 4, in late July, spending at least two nights in Martha's Vineyard (at anchor or on a mooring). Rest of the time (assuming a week) we'd look for nooks to anchor in around Buzzards Bay.
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    Can anyone ID this trimaran?

    Between 28 and 30 feet or so.It belonged to a friend of mine who passed away, and we are trying to dispose of it. As you can see, it's a mess. It's in the Outer Banks. 
  6. Slim

    Outer Banks Anarchists

    A friend passed away and I need to donate/sell his boat. What/where are the best places to do so? It is a shabby trimaran.  Thanks for any leads you can supply, it's a shitty task.  Slim(e)
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    That you, Dylan?

  8. Slim

    Herreshoff Collection

    Hope you weren't planning on working today!
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    Psychological Warfare

    Sailboats are a sickness. Onne van der Wal refurbished his Pearson 36, Snoek. Gorgeous, right? An hour later I see this is on CL for $10k. I know I know, buying a boat is the easy part. The CL boat is easily $20k away from looking anything...
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    Anarchists in Durban, SA - Webb Chiles arrival

    Webb Chiles will be landing soon - may tomorrow 1pm Durban time, give or take. Been sailing a Moore 24 from Darwin, Australia (!!). If anyone there could greet him with a bottle of Laphroag and take some pictures many of us fans would greatly appreciate it! Slim
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    Morris Joins Hinckley

    Dear Owners, Customers, Colleagues, Friends & Fans, We have some exciting news to share with you. Our family, Morris Yachts, kicked off the New Year by becoming part of a bigger family, The Hinckley Company. It makes sense that the two premier luxury boat building companies located within...
  12. Slim

    Have at it 12 meter fans NOTE - These aren't mine and I have no idea who the seller is.
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    2015 Moth Worlds - I just crapped myself.

    Holy smokes, folks. Look at who is entered! Barker, Peyron, Guilari, Ashby - fanboy paradise! Right here.
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    Phantom Video

    Check it -
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    Great Finn Video

    Check it out!
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    USCG Amends PFD Regs

    Article here - gist of article is below. “This move is expected to lead to the introduction of new life jacket designs, especially those made in other countries as US standards will be more ‘harmonized,’ initially Canada and eventually the European Union,” said Edmonston. “Along with a wider...
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    BWR - Free Online Course - Meteorology in a round the world regatta

    Just saw this - free online classes built around the BWR. Meteo is the first one, starts November 17. Looks like there will be others, but I don't see any posted yet.
  18. Slim

    Can someone hook me up with that Volvo video narrated by a sailor?

    It was on the FP a while back and I've tried all my search powers but can't find it. It was about sailing in the Southern Ocean, and was narrated by a crew member (not part of the regular Volvo clips).
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    New Dinghy from Michael Storer

    Looks good! Some info:
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    Nice Rhodes up for grabs

    Sweet looking boat -