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  1. Jethrow

    Cheating way to insert bolt into light carbon laminate & polystyrene foam

    Hi all I have a clear finish carbon & foam wingfoil board that I need to put some kind of carry handle in the bottom. As it will only see maybe 10kg's of load I didn't want to carve big holes in the bottom and then try and finish all pretty again. I've done some carbon reinforcing of the foil...
  2. Jethrow

    Team France, AC-37

    There doesn't seem to be a thread yet... Will they or won't they! 
  3. Jethrow

    So apparently you can buy your own anarchy forum section now!

    What's with the Aeolos Anarchy section? I get the guys are trying to promote their new boat, but a full section on a single boat FFS... :huh:
  4. Jethrow

    Any math geek had a go at calculating shrinkage in rope length due to inserts in the core?

    Hi all This thought was brought on by the thread about bulking up halyards for better clutch grip. Anyone out there had a go at mathematically working out how much the 12 strand Dynex shrinks up when the core of a splice is inserted? The same would go for bulking up halyards for better...
  5. Jethrow

    Clear finishing carbon that has a peel-ply surface

    Hi Y'all I'm doing a repair to the finbox area of a foilboard as it's cracking just in front of the tracks. Due to the board's construction and paint-job it will be hard to hide the repair, so I've decided to make a feature of it. I've done the carbon work and finished it off with peel-ply. I...
  6. Jethrow

    Replacing tiller crosstube

    Hi all. This is a bit obscure, but some areshole pinched the crosstube for the tillers on my 30' catamaran. It was just a piece of alloy tube so I have no idea why but it's gone now. Anyway, now I need to replace it and I'm thinking up options. It's about 12' long I'm guessing and being that...
  7. Jethrow

    So who was at the RNZYS AGM?

    Any good goss or just GD spruiking the party line? I'm guessing there was no opposition...
  8. Jethrow

    Trapeze harness rule change locked in!

    I'd heard murmurings over the past decade mentioning possible changes to trapeze hook rules but didn't know it was already locked in!
  9. Jethrow

    Why can't Corona Anarchy go to PA?

    I only visit Sportsboat Anarchy every couple of weeks, but it doesn't deserve to be burdened with Corona Anarchy. CoronaA hasn't served public awareness for a long time now and while I try to avoid looking at it, occasionally I wander in and it's just :blink: ... Anyway, please move it to PA...
  10. Jethrow

    Eden fisho's club

    Anyone who has had the misfortune to retire from a S2H race will often end up in Eden for a night or two and that usually involved a few messy nights in the Fisho's Club Well I'm here at the moment on holidays and I heard today they're demolishing the Fisho's to build a resort!  It's a...
  11. Jethrow

    Is a 3:1 main halyard a cheapskate solution to my problem?

    Hi all I have a fairly heavy spectra mainsail on a rotating wing mast. The main halyard clutch is about 2m up the mast and I have no self tailing winches. The current halyard is 2:1 and I've got to put in a fair bit of grunt to bounce it up the mast by myself, so I've been thinking of going to...
  12. Jethrow

    Surface prep anarchy

    Hi All I've left my deck repaint too long and now the non-skid has UV'ed away, exposing patches of primer and filler. The boat is built in SP Systems Ampreg 26 If I remember correctly. My plan is to sand it all back to clean filler (I know it's a few mm thick in this area) and re-seal in 2...
  13. Jethrow

    Dynex/ spectra in salt water

    Hi All I'm making a new dolphin striker for the bowsprit on my cat. I want it as long as possible to provide support but as the boat is moored, the tip will get splashed or submerged by passing waves if it's long. I know that they use Dynex for fishing nets & lines, but in my mind being...
  14. Jethrow

    Spectra or polyester mesh for catamaran front tramps

    Hi all, looking for the accumulated knowledge from 'round the world again. My front tramps are still sound but they look terrible because they have no edging and they are hard to keep tight. They are currently the tennis net style knotted rope tramps. I'm considering changing them and I'm torn...
  15. Jethrow

    Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    Hi all I'm looking to simplify my mast rotation controls. At the moment it's not connected to the boom at all so the rotation is controlled by an adjustment to the spanner and then separate over-rotation lines on either side. I have to use the over-rotation controls as a lock to stop the mast...
  16. Jethrow

    Dynex mooring bridle??? Dumb question of the day

    Hi All Time to replace the mooring gear for my 30' cat. It's a swing mooring in maybe 8 feet of water at low tide. I've been using a safety harness double action hook in each bow and I find this works well (15 years for far and only on the second set). My issue is that with the size of hole in...
  17. Jethrow

    Making 2 pack paint look fresh again

    Hi all The paint on my 15 year old catamaran is looking pretty dull these days and I need to give it a tidy. What are thoughts on rejuvenating old 2 pack? It probably needs a re-paint but that's not in the budget at the moment. Has anyone used acid wash in 2 pack? Maybe some sort of no-cut...
  18. Jethrow

    Building a fibreglass holding tank

    Hi All Does anyone have experience building a fibreglass holding tank for their sewerage system onboard? Specifically, what sort of glass thickness/ layup did you use. Because it will be going into the forward section of a catamaran there isn't a commercially available tank that will fit the...
  19. Jethrow

    Comparison of club race Etchells Vs Soling Vs 5.5 Vs Star

    Hi all Hopefully close enough to dinghy sailing that some might have experience and besides, it doesn't really fit anywhere else. I'm after the relative time around the track of Etchells, Soling, 5.5 and Star in a club race setting (no hobbles). Probably will be wet sailed but if the...
  20. Jethrow

    Sheeting angle for screecher/ Code zero, what do you use?

    Hi All Slowly getting my boat back together and I'm looking at the screecher. It's a 60% odd mid girth with tight luff (furling) and I seem to remember it wasn't really designed as an upwind zero, but it was reasonably close winded (it's been a while since I used it last). I used to sheet it...