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    Stephen Wilhite DTS
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    The 2022 Aviation thread

    What better way to start a new year thread than with an airplane crash and pilot rescue? Body cam footage from LAPD Foothill division shows officers pulling out a pilot of a downed plane that crashed  
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    Ronnie Wilson DTS

    RIP.  I loved their music in the 70s and 80s.
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    Moves Like Jagger

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    Everett WA Wooden Ship Breakwater

    Stumbled across this and thought it was pretty interesting.  More pics and some videos at the links.
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    Shut the F*** Up! I wonder if the guy in the Helly Hansen t-shirt is here.  Not gonna unmask. Edit:  Shit.  I forgot how to insert youtubes.  Oh, well.
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    Excess skin on your lady parts? Make jewelry.

    I. Can't. Even. Oh, yeah.  The necklace is homemade with youtube video.
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    Yacht Hacking on the Hudson

    Makes me wonder again if it's not our 7th fleet warships being hacked, perhaps it's the merchant vessels.
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    Sprint 750 Outboard Recommendations?

    Well, I've had a crummy weekend.  Just as I cleared the breakwater yesterday while motoring out of the marina my outboard sputtered and maybe seized.  Guessing an impeller failure at this point.  Really pisses my off as I'd just done some maintenance the day before with a hose attached and it...
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    June Foray DTS

    Among many other voices.  RIP
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    Horn of Africa Vacation Cruise?

    Interesting adventure cruise but, um, I think I'll pass.
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    Seismic Bathymetry Anarchy Geez, it's almost like getting picures from a Mars orbiter after decades of fuzzy photos.  Amazing level of detail in the deep Gulf of Mexico.  Linking a "river" some 3000 meters below the surface at the edge...
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    BRCC's ISIS Button

    Morale is high but productivity is down.
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    DuoSkin Kinda cool. I wonder if it would pull the hair off my arms when removed.
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    Bad grade at university? Do something about it.

    Just damn amazing. The prof changed it 35 years later. TL;DR - He got the Constitution of the United States of America amended.
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    Design a Vagina

    My favorite line, "Measure twice; cut once."
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    Way to go, Aussies!

    Yes, it pains me a bit to say that, considering who hangs out here (K8 excepted). But simply outstanding and remarkable. Now if only they can scale it up it will lead to even...
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    John Wetton DTS

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    Gene Cernan DTS

    RIP I remember thinking that walking on the moon would be old hat in no time at all when he did it.
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    Two chat bots chatting

    Pretty dang weird to hear a couple Google Home hubs talking to each other. And a bit addictive.