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  1. WHK

    RIP Dr. Robin Wallace

    I was saddened to learn from a Sail Newport email that Dr. Robin Wallace passed away today.  He is a legend in the Newport sailing community, and one of the original founders of Sail Newport.  His obituary is posted at this link. Onne van der Wal created a tribute video to Robin in 2014 with a...
  2. WHK

    BIRW 2021

    Registration is open on Yachtscoring!  Just registered and we have four J/109s already. Margaritaville is sponsoring again.... hopefully Jimmy Buffet returns for the party again too.
  3. WHK

    Tuesday Night Beer Can Race: We Survived – Some Boats Didn’t…..

    You don't expect "Fastnet like" conditions for the Tuesday night beer can race, but we experienced our own storm inshore with some pretty devastating results.  The bottom line is my wallet will be much flatter to replace two sails but all are safe. J/109 Vento Solare entered the final Jamestown...
  4. WHK

    Upgrade from Nexus Server to B&G H5000 Hercules - Please Comment!

    I've posted a number of times with stuff I've done to integrate the Nexus FDX server the previous owner installed in 2005 with the J/109 I purchased in 2013.  It has 3 XL mast displays, on the spray hood 2 Mutli controls and the Nexus Wind display.  When the original Nexus nWind Race xducer...
  5. WHK

    World Sailing (ISAF) Sailor Lookup Problems

    I'm trying to verify sailor classifications for an upcoming regatta.  The entrants are required to include their World Sailing Sailor ID so we can verify the status as Group 1 or Group 3.  The Search for a Sailor function doesn't appear to be working.  I used the contact form on the World...
  6. WHK

    Actisense NGW-1-AIS Problem with AIS & DSC

    Just a warning that is a potential safety issue if you are relying on the Actisense NGW-1-AIS to provide both AIS and DSC information to a chartplotter via NMEA 2000 from a VHF radio that has built in DSC and AIS receive capability.  The NGW-1-AIS does NOT convert the DSC information to N2K so...
  7. WHK

    Web Based Crew / Boat Management Systems

    Bottom line up front: I setup my boat crew management site online using Wordpress.  The site is up and running and I want to know if there is interest in re-coding this to a free or low cost Wordpress Plugin.  If so, I need help from someone with Wordpress plugin experience.  Read on this long...
  8. WHK

    Any Data for Triducer versus single Transducer Speed Accuracy?

    I'm helping a friend upgrade old sensors & instruments on his J/109.  He is replacing 15 year old NKE instruments.  The boat speed has always suffered from tack-to-tack speed accuracy and the corrections made aren't that accurate so we are moving the paddlewheel to the centerline.  I did...
  9. WHK

    Forum Software Reccomendations

    What is a good forum software package?  I'm looking to upgrade our existing site that uses phpBB3 open source. I've run a few websites that also have forums.  The two sailing related sites I run that have forums are the J/30 Class and J/109 Class.  The J/30 Class uses ubbthreads 7.6.0. I'm...
  10. WHK

    National Sailing Hall of Fame Moving from Naptown to Newport?

    I know there have been denials in the Annapolis press, but there is a Newport City Council hearing tonight (18 October 2017) with an open forum to discuss this topic.  Below is an email I received from a local group that supports this. Please discuss amongst yourselves......
  11. WHK

    New Darwin Award - Man Electrocuted While Charging Phone in Bath Tub

    Excerpts from USA Today article: After electrocution death, coroner says iPhones should carry warning (NEWSER) – Dropping a phone in the bath while it is charging can be as deadly as chucking a plugged-in hairdryer in there, a coroner warned during an inquest into the death of a British man...
  12. WHK

    Fairing & Sanding on a Concave Keel Joint

    I'm taking the time to fair and longboard the keel on my J/109 to remove minor ripples that I can feel when I run my hand across the surface. Not rocket science, just a lot of TLC and elbow grease. Question: What is the best way to get a uniform smooth curve along the joint where the keel...
  13. WHK

    OpenCPN Usage Ideas, Tips and Bug Fixes

    I've mounted a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at the Nav station running Windows 10 and have installed OpenCPN 4.4.0 and a number of the plugins. It is connected to my instruments via a Garmin GND10 (USB to NMEA 2000). Sensors (compass, speed paddle-wheel, depth) are passed via a Nexus FDX server to...
  14. WHK

    2017 J/Fest New England Regatta 12/13 August

    Ahoy all J/Boat owners.... Save the date! Save the dates 11 - 13 August 2017 for the J/Fest New England Regatta that will be hosted by Sail Newport. 2017 is the 40th anniversary of J/Boats founding with the introduction of the J/24, so plan on some good sailing and good celebrations. Those...
  15. WHK

    Amel Super Maramu - What do you know?

    I met a an old college friend at a reunion this week and it turns out he's interested in buying a cruising boat. He lives in VA Beach area and showed me a few Yachtworld listings including one for a 53 Ft Amel Super Maramu that happens to be on the hard close to where I live in RI. I told him...
  16. WHK

    VHF Handheld use in BVIs

    We're headed to the BVIs in a couple of weeks with 4 couples renting a Leopard catamaran. I'm thinking of bringing a VHF handheld to communicate between the dinghy and the boat. I know the US has designated channels for various use, and other than 9/16 for hailing was wondering if there were...
  17. WHK

    2016 New England J/Fest - 13/14 August

    Save the date! The first New England J/Fest regatta for all J/Boats will be hosted by Bristol Yacht Club on Narragansett Bay, Saturday & Sunday 13, 14 August 2016. The organizing committee has met and is working on the details. It is expected that the NOR will be posted and registration...
  18. WHK

    J Boats 40 Years with Rod Johnstone

    A friend of mine in the Mystic Mudheads attended the presentation that Rod gave last week. It has been posted on Youtube. It is about 90 minutes but well worth the time.
  19. WHK

    J/109 Two Potential Rules Changes (Bob Stay & Inhaulers)

    There is an announcement on the J/109 Class website regarding two potential rules changes. These changes have details posted on the J/109 Class forum at the following: Inhauler Systems for Jib Bob Stay Addition for the Bow Sprit All may read the details and J/109 Class Members are encouraged...
  20. WHK

    Looking to upgrade OD Class Forum Software

    I wasn't sure where to post this and wanted to get some feedback from the sailors who use various forums to get suggestions. I'm looking to upgrade the J/109 Class forum software. Last winter the J/109 site was rehosted and upgraded from proprietary html code to WordPress, significantly...