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  1. Touch of Gray

    Mary Kay Letourneau. DTS

    Hawt.  Sad too as always a good story for when you were twelve. You guys find pics and links.  Me .  .  .
  2. Touch of Gray

    ISIS-ISIL Solution

    Since this is a Muslim issue, maybe recruit some Muslim Nigerians that have Ebola and infiltrate them into leadership? What could go wrong? TOG
  3. Touch of Gray

    Don Pardo DTS
  4. Touch of Gray

    Draft limitation - Redress

    Situation: A 21 mile, point-to-point race, with fixed marks (both temporary and government), and headland/islands to be left to a specific side. Issue: Offshore of the headland/island marks of the course were both reefs and islands that were generally unmarked where the water was too shallow...
  5. Touch of Gray

    Kate does William with Dean

    Hadn't see this yet. Maybe shoulda been in AC Anatrchy. Whatever
  6. Touch of Gray

    East Coast Bias, ICSA All Academic Sailing Team

    Out of twenty kids, only two from west in 2013, none from midwest 2013 ICSA First All-Academic Sailing Team. Smart kids, but geeze: Margaret Craig (West Newbury, Mass.), University of Rhode Island ’13, Ocean Engineering, 3.89 Eugenia Custo-Greig (Key Biscayne, Fla.), Yale University ’14...
  7. Touch of Gray

    Another one - Esther Williams DTS
  8. Touch of Gray

    Poutine Soda- WTF - Crazy Canooks No further comment. Booth should have a go and report back. TOG
  9. Touch of Gray

    FOILED Front Page

    Looks like a cool concept. Will these hold up slapping the water. If you can retrofit a boat to add this I have just the platform. A Santa Cruz 50 with the raised settee looks like it would be possible to install this system and not even have to lose any cabin space. TOG
  10. Touch of Gray

    Pat Summerall, DTS With Madden he was the voice of reason. Last game: ''It's right down the pipe. Adam Vinatieri. No time on the clock. And the Patriots have won Super Bowl XXXVI. Unbelievable,''
  11. Touch of Gray

    United Airlines Ranked "Worst in US"

    I really can't say that I think that it is much of a surprise, actually. Especially given the DVT I ended up with because of the abysmal seat to seat dimensions. TOG
  12. Touch of Gray

    Annette Funicello, DTS

    K E Y, why, because we like you M O U S E
  13. Touch of Gray

    Van Cliburn, DTS
  14. Touch of Gray

    Google Amazon FedEx US Postal. Fack em all

    Rant So on Nov 10th went to Play Store to order a Google Chromebook (It's for Peeker so STFU). Google says go to Best Buy or Amazon as guess what. we call it a GOOGLE Chromebook but we don't fackin sell them!! OK so order from Amazon. WTF, "out of stock" Finally "ships" Nov 19th...
  15. Touch of Gray

    Signet Speed Sensor

    So in our latest outing we managed to smack what looked like about a 4x6 piece of lumber dead on. It took out the speed sensor and in doing so didn't just break off a segment of the paddlewheel as is usually the case but actually tore off one of the ears that are part of the main body that hold...
  16. Touch of Gray

    Carlo Rambaldi DTS

  17. Touch of Gray

    Jiffy Lube Upsell Shit

    So lovely wife take new Legacy in for first oil change. They write it up as an Impreza with a 2.5 Turbo! Spits out the "recommendations," surprise, Subaru says it requires synthetic. Wifey says well I guess if that's what it says . . . . Facts are it's an naturally aspirated Legacy, not...
  18. Touch of Gray

    Thanks for Nuttin Joe Biden (and Obama too)

    So Joe baby, what made you think you would garner ANY votes by showing up at 3:00 in the afternoon and having the Interstate BLOCKED for half an hour at rush hour yesterday creating an almighty awful mess for the next three hours? Your boss pulled the same trick a month or so back. Didja know...
  19. Touch of Gray

    Vic Maui

    This stuff is coming a lot faster than we thought it was, And more on the way. Yikes. Killer?
  20. Touch of Gray

    Robot Ass - Hike Bitches

    Forget blow up dolls