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    Sunfast 3600 for sale

    Please see ad. in classifieds PM me for interest Thank you/
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    Anchor Glove Company - still in business?

    Anyone know if these guys still have the lights on - order placed 3 weeks ago has not arrived and no reply to the phone or answers to multiple email/ contacts through the company web page. Credit card has been charged but no gloves...
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    Friday T &A

    [ ]Lets start the weekend right...
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    Sailor lost Stamford Saturday 6/27

    We heard the CG pan pan and lots of helo activity on Sat afternoon - what's really bizarre is that the same thing happened on Sunday, MOB off Stamford except that guy was rescued. Search called off for boater missing in Long Island Sound By Jeff Morganteen Staff Writer Posted: 06/29/2009...
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    I know cruising 4 kn shitboxes arn't as glamorous around here as the Open 40s etc on the Berbuda 1-2 but seems that the Marion fleet is in for a rough ride. NESunday - Winds southwesterly 15 to 20 knots, increasing 18 to 22 knots by afternoon, then 20 to 25 knots with gusts to 35 knots...
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    Raymarine/Tacktick compatibility

    Anyone out there installed a Raymarine X5 pilot to work with the NMEA compass and NEMA interface for Tacktick? Actual wireing layout much appreciated - right now have the X5 working fine with its own compass but isnt worth a shit when connected to the Tacktick compass - no data feed so no...
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    Antigua Race Week

    88 boats excluding the charters - what a sad commentary on our sport and the state of the economy. and - look whos showing up!! - from the race website\ Now, Tony Bullimore is setting sail aboard his well-tested, 102-foot catamaran in yet another world-class yachting event: the 2009 edition of...
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    Boat castaways

    Front page of the NY Times this am "Too costly to keep, boats become castaways" Sign of the times that people are abandoning boats and/or scuttling them.
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    SA advertiser - great service

    Props to Latis Yachting Solutions - boat delivered from St Petes to CT, on time and on budget. Great job - thanks John.
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    Roll Gen - any opinions

    Looking at fitting a J100 with Rollgen furler for asy instead of sock - any experiences out there with this furler?
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    Move over Mac 26 - here comes theEdge So now there is a new sailing/waterski boat to replace the Mac 26 for the award as the all-time fuglly boat.. Who would buy such a thing???
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    Speedboat - where is she?

    From the front page - any one know where Speedboat is?
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    Outside assistance? - sat phones etc

    OK so now we have a discussion going on XM weather let me throw another one in the mix. Bermuda race - reqd to have sat phone. Sat phone plus lap top equals internet connection, albeit slow. Race web site has tracker so can download positions - so the question is - down load is slow, making a...
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    ROund the world en masse So, you guys on the left coast - are you ready for the invasion in 2011??? This seems like an interesting fund-raiser...???
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    Popsicle Stick Boat Bear with the 15 sec advert at the beginning
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    Rule bending

    Lots of discussion about Paige Riley and her rule 42 violations - well how many of us have broken or ignored rule 51?? - really hard to be too categoric about many distance racers ask their fellow competitors if they have both anchors on board (complete with chain/rode)? cabin...