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    Can anyone ID this one?

    I can’t decide if this is ugly-cool, or just ugly.    Anyone recognize the design?
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    Expedition 14.5 Hatch

    Anybody know who makes this rectangular hatch on the aft deck of the Escape Expedition 14.5?  I’m looking for a replacement for a missing hatch lid. Thanks
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    What is this vintage thing?

    Saw this and found it both ugly and compelling, in a 60s vintage kinda way.    Anyone know what it is?
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    Nacra F18?

    Looking for insight in the Nacra F18. Not the Infusion.  The old design that predates that.  There’s one for sale near me, and I’m wondering if it’s worth picking up as fun boat to blast around on.     I’m interested in views on how easy/hard it is to sail one- or two-up. Not planning to race...
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    Ok, What’s this odd design?

    I’ve never seen those weird gunwale hollows where the shrouds attach. Anyone?
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    Bully - Baltic IMS 50

    Does anyone know what became of Bully, the J/V-designed, Baltic-built IMS 50?  It was a good performer in the early 90s IMS.  Active in LIS events and beyond.     
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    Anyone know this boat?

    I saw this 16’ custom dinghy on Facebook.  Being custom, it’s hard to tell anything about it. But I’m always surprised at the depth of knowledge and experience of the collective SA mind.    The boat is in Connecticut, so maybe it has New England origins.   
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    ID this dinghy?

    Came across this dinghy with an unusual rounded cockpit.  Can anyone identify what this thing is?
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    Relative Sailboat Builders Quality

    Looking at raceboat and R/C sailboat builders from the last 40 years, which builders consistently produced well-built boats? Keeping in mind that maintenance and preventing measures are crucial for longevity of hulls (keeping  water out of the core,etc), what builders should one seek, and who...
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    Divinycell on Craigslist

    No Affiliation, but might be useful to someone. It's not scored.
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    Save THIS Cal 40

    Hey folks, Here's another Cal 40 in need of some love. The boat was in Puerto Rico until 2006, then was sailed to Maine. It's been on the hard since then. According to the owner, it "needs a lot of work" to the hull, deck, and bulkheads. Apparently, it fell on its side during Hurricane...
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    Saw this and figured the PNW contingent would know something about the boat. It's a double ended, so I'd expect Kim to weigh in on it. Bob too.
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    Kettenberg PCC on EBay

    I don't know the boats, but have heard good thing. Looks pretty nice for $22k or less
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    Injected epoxy fender washer or....

    My daughter and I were sailing the families mid 60s vintage sunfish in nuking conditions and pulled the bronze halyard turning block out of the deck. The boat is in beautiful shape and I don't really want to cut open the deck and add an inspection port to thru-fasten the block with bolts nuts...
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    Surveyor needed inTampa/St. Pete

    Im looking for recommendations for a yacht surveyor in the Tampa area. Job would be for fiberglass sailboat. Boat is on the hard. Thanks in advance.
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    505 on craigslist

    No affiliation, just saw it:
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    Connecticut River Classic Sunfish Race

    Hi, Does anyone recall the CT River Classic, a two day race down the CT river in Sunfish? It used to be run by the Old Saybrook Lions club and it ran from Hartford to the mouth of the river, with overnight camping at a state park. It was a fun race with folks sailing mostly beater boats that...
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    Moving to Dubai

    My brother and sister-in-law are moving to Dubai in September and are looking to do some sailing and racing. Can anyone suggest a good place to sail there? Ideally, they are looking for a place that has club boats available to members, or to the community. Absent that, they'd be looking to crew...
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    Moving to Dubai

    Hey folks, My brother and sister-in-law are moving to Dubai next September. They are interested in doing some sailing and racing locally. Anybody have some suggestions on where they can find a ride, and what types of boats are sailed there? Thanks.
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    Hinckley Pilot

    I am looking for opinions on a Hinckley Pilot. Good boat? Hows it for cruising? Comfort? Speed? (i hear its slow) Things to watch out for when buying? Thanks