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    First autumnal blow and someone's tie downs weren't up to it
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    '73/'74 Whitbread Film

    I think this has been posted before, but I couldn't find it. Too many interesting and downright bizarre moments to mention.  Worth 30 mins if you've not seen it before.
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    Access to rivet head in clam cleat

    I'm having a few problems reattaching a clam cleat to an aluminium dinghy mast. The cleat was originally riveted on, but the rivets corroded and failed. I have a couple of suitable monel rivets I intended to apply copiouse duralac and bang it back on.  The problem is I can't get my riveter onto...
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    Looking forward to Rio?

    More shit in the bay or on the street?
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    Stuff you shouldn’t fuck about with, but you do.

    You all know those things that aren’t quite perfect and you think you can just improve on slightly, but you shouldn’t. So we’ll start on the boat, batten tension, it’s been pretty good for ages but in today’s conditions it could just do with a tweak right? Wrong, it’ll never be as right again...
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    What's he saying?

    This has got caption competition written all over it. I’m thinking something like; ‘What the fuck are you doing there, my 4 year old know that’s just wrong.’ Or ‘Jesus guys, there’s only one boat you need to look out for around here...
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    5ksb sheets

    I was planning to buy my father in law some new headsail sheets for his 34’ fractional rigged 5ksb. I typically size ropes for dinghies and racing yachts so I’m a bit lost here. Do you think an old boy on a 34 footer would want 12mm or 14mm, I can’t visualise it now? I was also thinking...
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    What happened to the thread about SG?

    What happened to the thread about SG, photoboats, stalkers and restraining orders? Is it just lost amongst Solo’s shit, or did the Ed delete it when it stated having a pop at his ad revenues?
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    IRC Interview With Mike Urwin

    Don’t know if this has already been posted here and I’ve missed it.
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    Come in Teaky

    It’s all kicked off in paradise, would they not take something from your desk instead of the ransom?
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    Foil development in the non flying classes

    Recently Jo Richards, a name many of you will be familiar with, cleaned up at the National 12 championships, a class that most of you won’t be familiar with. Jo and his crew Sophie won the event with six bullets and a second. There were a few possible reasons so it’s not easy to isolate an...
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    2012 Olympic Sailing Venue

    I suppose it could have been worse, it could have said ‘Weymouth Urope’
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    Pirates with tanks I’d say that all the sepos who think that yachting around the world with guns is a good idea are now comprehensively trumped.
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    Wind shear, twist and stuff

    Help me out here, ideally without too much abuse. Now I understand the concept of wind shear, the wind direction changing progressively with distance from the water. I understand that under certain conditions the shear can be greater i.e. the difference in direction over a given distance can...
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    Group Sex

    One more shot that reminds us all how much time so many leadmine sailors spend doing nothing. It might be a big bus, but it still only has the same number of sheets to trim and one steering wand to play with.
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    Big bendytoy won’t break

    Not exactly sailing but this thing’s been hanging around for a while.
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    Old Skool

    I particularly liked the ‘50s footage about a quarter of the way through with the original narration. Some famous names early on, Fox, Proctor, Holt, Morrison…
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    Beer antidote

    This must be a piss take, April 1st but they missed the deadline. I think what they are proposing is a beer antidote.
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    ITV 10.00pm Ellen MacArthur

    The Incredible Journey — Ellen MacArthur's Own Story. Half an hour on ITV from 10pm
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    Last night I was sat quietly watching the telly while I had a bit of supper and on comes an advert for Canada. It was one of those adverts put together by the tourist board showing what a great place it would be to go on holiday. The ad comprised about half a dozen clips showing outdoor...