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    Texas GOP afraid of America

    Yesterday, Texas Republicans voted on a party platform that rejects American democracy, strips citizens of freedoms we take for granted, and limits the ability of government to pass laws to protect their citizens. They seek socialist legislation subsidizing oil producing companies forcing...
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    Taking a knee at football games goes to SCOTUS

    Can a white man take a knee during a state-sponsored athletic event? That's the question at issue in  JOSEPH A. KENNEDY vs, BREMERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT which involves a coach who silently prayed on the 50 yard line immediately after games. Although he stopped forcing players to observe his ritual...
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    Welcome to WWARD, the thread where we have to be important question what would a republican do? Let’s take a moment and recognize the impressive amount of work that has gone into packaging issues by Republicans into Tweets, memes and sound bites which have proven a gold mine for lucrative...
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    Trimaran Crossbeam

    I'm rebuilding the crossbeams for a trimaran. The boat is 20' long total span of the crossbeam is just under 16', the main hull is 25" wide. I plan to install hinges in the beams so the floats ride above the main hull while on the trailer. The boat weighs approximately 250lbs. The crossbeams as...
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    Texas-style Gun Law

    Any private US citizen, having determined with sufficient evidence that a person or private entity has violated state firearm laws pertaining to use, storage, transportation or firearm capability and characteristics, is authorized to file civil suit against that person or entity in the amount of...
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    “COVID Is over” thread deleted

    Damn. I had just put effort into some responses and it’s been vaporized like a bicep. Suffice to say, Vaccine good, COVID infection bad.  Conservatives are respectable and worthy political participants, Trumplicans are annoyingly loud and empty-headed. Did BB or anyone else get flicked? Was...
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    Updating free speech

    We’ve seen a rapid descent into misinformation and disinformation online, and seen the impacts they can have on democracies. Democracy requires a well informed public kept abreast of modern developments with accurate information regarding the functions of its government. Social media and...
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    Federalist Society, Dark Money & Kavanaugh

    Given Republican antipathy to democratic institutions and governmental transparency, it is no surprise that they have outsourced selection and vetting of federal judges to a private group outside of Congressional oversight. In recent years, the Federalist Society has replaced Advise and Consent...
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    Do Republicans Believe in Democracy?

    Anytime you ask a Republican about living in a democracy they deflect and talk about our being a “Republic”. Do they associate democracy with Democrats and therefore mistrust the term by association? Or does their antipathy signal a deeper lack of faith in our Constitution and its modern...
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    Trump, Giuliani and the Proud Boys get sued

    The NAACP and Rep Bennie Thompson who is the Democratic Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee have sued the former president, his lawyer and two right wing extremist groups. They allege that these four conspired to prevent Congress from performing its Constitutional duties, in...
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    BLM is more patriotic than Republicans

    BLM leaders have shown a real desire to improve our nation for all citizens, pointing out unequal treatment of citizens by law enforcement and resultant costs upon society. As @jzk and @Dog have shown, GOP members seek to portray them as violent thugs, ignoring the clear reality that BLM, unlike...
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    The politics of football

    I clicked on the vid of the Texas HS football and wrestling star who, after being penalized twice (once for unsportsmanlike conduct) blindsided a ref with a tackle that left the ref with injuries including concussion-like symptoms. The player was restrained by players and coaches before being...
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    Proposed: Giuliani should be disbarred

    A lawyer who engages in a pattern of violating the professional code of ethics by repeatedly filing frivolous lawsuits is at risk of being disbarred. Now that yet another lawsuit seeking to disenfranchise millions of voters has been summarily cast out in a scathing decision by a...
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    Why America can’t have 5G

    Ok, I’ve a layman’s understanding of this stuff, but why is 5G so spotty and slow to catch on in the US? One big reason is that the military holds license to the mid-range radio band wavelengths that allow rapid data transfer but doesn’t require line-of-sight transmission of higher...
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    2020 Election

    Your thoughts, evidence and prognostications here. What are the crucial signs a candidate is pulling ahead? Can we trust the polls? Will the Senate flip to blue? I’ll kick things off with this tidbit from WaPo: 13% of N Carolinians eligible to vote requested mail-in ballots. Less than 16% of...
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    "We hope they die"

    The most disgusting chant ever, reportedly by BLM protestors outside an ER in LA where two deputies were being cared for after being ambushed in Compton.  All my thoughts and hope for the two officers and their families. I wish those who think these evil thoughts had the good sense to STFU...
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    The GOP is a major national security threat

    Republicans, whose foolhardy response to 9/11 cost us untold trillions and killed & wounded millions, are once again proving blind to real and present national security dangers facing our country. The pandemic has become a scourge limiting America’s ability to do business around the world...
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    Trump was right

    He can kill people on 5th Avenue, and his supporters won’t care
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    Our new national defense realities

    3Ms production facility in China essentially had their stocks of N95 masks and isolation equipment “nationalized”. This is but one effect of American companies taking advantage of China’s manufacturing boom and lower wages.  Furthermore, by offshoring their manpower needs, construction needs...
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    President Putin Forever

    Putin asks court to amend constitution, allow him to remain in power until 2036