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    Buying advice for 30' Performance boat? (Great Lakes Sailing)

    How "offshore"? I bet you could get a C&C 30 OD for close to the top of your budget. That seems like a lot of boat for the money, but I guess there must be a reason they're so cheap.
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    No photos in ads

    I thought the new owners were experienced forum experts. It's almost like they are the opposite.
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    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Bridges Point 24 current bid $505
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    GPS - For the Dog

    Yeah, over the course of your dog's life, he (and you) will be MUCH happier if he learns decent recall and at least basic whoa. There must be a bunch of trainers in your area that you could board him with if you can't train him yourself (although, you'll need training too).
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    Marine railway

    More marina time capsule photos:
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    Marine railway

    There are a couple of cool ones at the no longer used Essex Marina in Essex, NY.
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    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Contessa 26 on ebay. Deleted inboard. Bit of a project. Low starting bid
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    Franz Liszt fans?

    At first I thought it was just a photo of a boat slightly Liszting.
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    Craigslist Finds

    If I wasn't boat rich at the moment...
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    LYRA & 8 meter North Americans at Sodus Bay

    holy shit. No one does LYRA anymore. Did anyone do the Freeman long course? Did the course not cross the lake because of Covid uncertainties?
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    Club Swan 80 (From the FP)

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    2022 J-24 Worlds Corpus Christi

    3 bullets in 3 races... they oughta have a trophy for best non-corinthian team, so the pros don't have to feel bad
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    2022 J-24 Worlds Corpus Christi

    sweet throttle
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    Consigned to the Dumpster of History

    There oughta be a law
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    Park it anywhere

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    Park it anywhere

    awwww, you don't really mean that
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    Park it anywhere

    No one hurt apparently.