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    Low Friction Inhaul Ring

    That one’s from Oyster Bay Boatshop:
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    What you do with your money is your business. I get that. But I don’t get waiting longer on “broken promises and misdirection.” Why reward “broken promises and misdirection” with your money and patience? Why not call your local chandlery and see if they have something else available?
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    Dyneema backstay coating?

    Maffioli Ultrawire 99. Not a coating tho…
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    umm… You’re not going to drag them (Sailmon) into this? Three posts earlier you posted the screenshot of their delays email with a “Nobody escaped this.” comment…
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    How is the new Henri Lloyd Gore-Tex stuff?
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    Racegeek. Still alive?

    Brexit didn’t kick in until the end of 2020. Brexit sounds like a convenient scapegoat for a company that kicked the bucket in 2019. Also wasn’t it an Irish company (a country which remains in the EU)?
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    what are they doing?

    Similar but different. Both are gybe drops. Mexican drop starts on starboard. Kiwi drop starts on port.
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    Adjusting Spinlock rigid vang

    Step 1 - remove spinnlock vang Step 2 - replace with Harken Vang-Master
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    Jib Track Labeling

    You’ve nailed it!
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    Melges 24 - Electronics package

    There are a variety of solutions. None are off the shelf. 12v power tool batteries, car jump starters (Weego and similar), small sealed battery for scooters etc.
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    what is it?

    Line drawing for new etchells mould.
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    Vivid + Graphite? Graphite is a black powder. You’re not getting white. Vivid is ablative. Ablative paints are not hard enough to be excellent for modern race boats.
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    Vivid + Graphite?

    Why go with a custom formulation over Black Widow or Baltoplate?
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    The next project for American Magic

    There may not be a long list of international victories but the US does have 49er and Nacra teams that are good enough to qualify the country for The Games.
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    MUCH MUCH MUCH sooner than March 10th? That’s less than three weeks away. Guys - I think I know what the first release is! It’s a time machine to turn back the clock to January 21, 2019 to stop Clockwork from starting this thread!
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    Reaching sheets for Jib

    That’s a C&C30
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    Mast Jack Pressure when not sailing

    Do you have shims too or just a jack? Jack only - zero pressure Shims - whatever your 8-10 knot setting is
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    Yikes! It has the blotchy and inconsistent backlight of a cheap watch from the early 80’s. Either you’re due a warranty or this thing effectively has no backlight. It kind of looks like the is a Swedish Fish squished in there!
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    Same LCD. Got it. Different font. Different treatment on the glass. Your coating common on jewelry. Their etching is common on B&Gs. It doesn’t really matter who was first since both are out now. I’m not trying to spend money two years ago! Why is yours worth 30% more than Max?