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    Health Care Deal on Cadillac Plans

    For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that Congress members could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they didn't pay into Social Security, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have...
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    Is the Health Care Bill Constitutional

    This is something I was given I wanted all the LIbby"s out to have a look at what they are supporting. Please feel free to copy and pass this to friends. I feel the Dems are trying to to take our rights away and destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!!!!! And I understand this is not...
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    Simon Says

    I e-mailed this to Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. John Ensign and Rep. Dina Titus. If you feel they concerned about these Health Care Reform bills being debated in Congress have your representatives in Washington DC answer as to why they are ignoring the 28th amendment to the Constitution!!! Sen Harry...
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    Here's an idea that the left should love

    Why not tax them to the point where they make no more than 250,000 per year. And take away scoring so that there are no losers. You get to the Championship game by bringing in the least amount of taxes. Now that should level the playing field. See it would be not fair to tax just visiting...
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    5 captured Saiolrs are freed

    The 5 Sailors are freed from Iran. Towed out to Int waters. Maybe Iran is getting smart. Let say you!
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    Is Obamamamacare constitutional?

    I have noticed that when the Constitution is being citied that the Libs around here don't have much to say!!!! What's up with this. Poster's like Chucky D are around here. They always spew out that we are saying nothing but propaganda. UMM maybe it's them and all they know is propaganda. I like...
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    Gun Free Zones

    maybe that's the problem we don't have mp's at Bases in the US now
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    Gun Free Zones

    If you are a progressive Lib you may not want to read this it might make to much sense: Shouldn't an army base be the last place where a terrorist should be able to shoot at people uninterrupted for 10 minutes? After all, an army base is filled with soldiers who carry guns, right...
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    Obama the Muslim

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    Obama the Muslim

    Yes, all of you Obama supporters out there, watch this Video and defend the man who is leading this Nation, soon to be once great Nation, and see the first soon to be post Free America President. May I present the Christian, I think that what he said he was during the race for the presidency...
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    Gunman Entered Military During Bush Administration

    The only venting that needs to be done is venting a gun from lining up radical Musslim's "Terriorist's" and start killing them one by one. or 2 x 2 or even go big 5 x 5 That's VENTING!!!!!!!
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    Gunman Entered Military During Bush Administration

    I think if your singing Allahu is great when you shooting people you are a Musllim terriorist. Period end of report. He should be shot and not even tried. But some leftest will have sympothy for him and try to get him off. Look at his name that alone should tell you. You can't trust any who...
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    Do Liberals understand the concept of money?

    No I think we have it right. If you commit murder you get the death Penelty that's ok. But when you allow the murdering of unborn children with abortions that's where we have it wrong. " I love this quote from one my favorite talk show hosts. We right your wrong end of story!"
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    In 1948 this was far fetched and now?

    Is this not the aganda of today Dems. This was done in the 40's and now it's true. 1948 Cartoon
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    Obama administration laid bare

    Hey Chuck D, Do you Sail, do you do anything on a boat? or are you just a screaming liberial with mentality of a peanut. You need to stay off the KOOL AID. Their will be revolution in this country and you will see the wrath.......
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    Dictatorship is America ready?

    I wish Obama would quite beating around the bush and just rip up the Constitution and start all over! What's stopping you!!!!
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    BIRW 2009

    Hey Phil, SIMONSAYS Maybe you should slap a Slander law suite against Mr. Clean. Maybe that would Clean up his act a bit, hmmmmm maybe not. I don't think anyone like Clean would or couldn't Clean up. The simple fact that over half of the information on the front page is incorrect that alone...
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    Block Island Race Week

    Just bored behind the desk and thinking about where I should be rather than behind my desk not sailing........
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    Lightning Class

    Thanks for info about the crew weights. Now if one were to buy a brand new boat what would one get? Allan or Nickles and whats the diffrence? Again thanks in advance for all your info....
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    Simon Says some is Jelous

    Admiral Douchebag "Look, I have the biggest dick!" Maybe he's just a dick, period. That would be ruskie Roman Abramovich, who just wasn't happy enough with his three current mega power boats - 377, 282 and 161 feet respectively. No, he had to build a 557 foot one, at cost of $600 million. Look...