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    TheOceanCleanup. "Good as gold, mate."

    The TeamSeas campaign reminded me that I hadn't looked at TheOceanCleanup in a long time. The old threads seem to have gone to the SA grave. A recap, IIRC: In 2013 TOC set out to clean up the Pacific "garbage patch" over 10 years using a mid-ocean net anchored to the sea floor. However, their...
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    One Design Secret Pro SBH Designers Don't Want You to Know

    (The tunes are obnoxious, IMO. Maybe best muted. SBH=small boat harbor.)
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    Saildrone Surveyor During the 28-day trans-Pacific voyage, the Surveyor demonstrated the industry-changing capabilities it delivers. Measuring 72 feet long and weighing 14 tons, the Saildrone Surveyor carries a similar...
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    Firefox 89 UI -- I think it's horrible: some hacks

    So the new Firefox landed for me today and there's white space, more white space and yet more white space. I'm sure this is lovely for some but for me, mostly on a laptop, it sucks. Moz controls the vertical and I hate their choices. Indeed, it's so bad that I spent a bit of time this morning...
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    DDWFTW revisited

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    14th Amendment Section 3

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    Inverted buoyancy

    Of course, the practical applications are obvious and are left as an exercise for the student.
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    2020 tropical storm season

    Maybe? I dunno but the season is under starter's orders.
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    Activity Stream -> load more activity not working?

    For the last few days when I click "load more activity" at the bottom of any activity stream's first page it seems that the query never gets called. I'm using Firefox 68.0.1. Just me?
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    2019 Pacific Hurricane Season: likely an active one

    NOAA thinks there is a 70% chance that 2019 will have above average tropical storm activity. 2018, which was a very active year particularly around Hawaii, is the closest recent analogue based on the sea surface temperatures. El Nino also tends to reduce wind shear. So, conditions should be...
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    Ulysse v Virginia

    I presume this has been posted half a dozen times but couldn't find it in search: As nearly as I can tell, the ferry managed to t-bone an anchored box boat.
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    Michael -- Tropical WX, Gulf Coast

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    Olivia -- Hawaiian Tropical WX 2018 part deux

    A week is longer than forecasts are reliable and the runs have been a bit chaotic but both EC and GFS are showing Olivia making landfall in Hawaii this run (00z 9/5). So, it's a possibility worth considering.
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    Hurricane Lane -- Keep A Weather Eye Out Hawaii

    Just looking at the last EC run and the last few GFS runs and I think the chances of Lane making landfall in the islands may be a bit higher than the CPHC has been forecasting. Hey, they're the pros. Nevertheless, might be worth paying more than casual attention to the weather forecasts for the...
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    Boiling Pacific 2018 edition

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    Iceless, clueless, techieless

    My freezer has stopped working. I have rapped it smartly, sworn at it, reasoned with it and it still doesn't work. The symptoms: When I turn the compressor on I can hear and feel fluid moving through the plate. The plate gets cool/cold to the touch. There is little or no frost on any part of...
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    Harken Trav Shackle Replacement

    This ca. 1999 traveler car needs a new shackle. The shackle is marked as a Harken 8. I don't know how to remove the captive pin to get the shackle out and I'm not sure if the shackle is a standard #8 or if it has the threaded end clearance drilled. My Google-Fu has failed to turn up anything...
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    18650 ~> 12v

    I have a pile of used 18650 cells that came out of a propulsion battery. I'm toying with the idea of making up a small 12v nominal battery to supply some running lights, a cabin light (mix of led and incandescent) and, perhaps, a VHF for an hour or two once a week. It's a job that is taken care...
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    NOAA Weather View

    News to me. NOAA's own take on animating their data.