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    Sonic Booms - Fallon?

    In your first post you say you live east of Tahoe. But your location and later posts indicate a fair bit west of Tahoe. Makes a difference... I live a fair bit north of Reno, and occasionally hear sonic booms. But I can also sometimes hear the freight train 15 miles away and on the other...
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    Spinnaker, what bit of tuning does what ?

    Are you sure it's a problem with the kite? IMHO the hardest thing is cat sailing is getting the helm and kite sheeting in sync (or jib sheeting on big jib non-kite boats). My crew and I fought with this for years before we started to get good at it (or at least stopped yelling at each other...
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    sail material

    Pick a designer first, then choose the cloth in consultation with the designer.
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    which type of sail cloth for a F20c

    Glaser has done at least two F20C mains in radial-cut technora. Ends up being lighter and more shapeable than the stock Performance sail, although it takes a fair bit more sheet load to flaten it out.
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    Plane Missing

    ACARS didn't transmit data. But some three letter acronym heard it trying to connect.
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    Plane Missing

    Sounds like a spy satellite heard the ACARS system either pinging a ground station and getting no reply due ro being out of range or pinging a satellite and getting no reply because the airline didn't subscribe to the service. Either way, it probably took a lot of digging and analyzing...
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    Canadian folk singer killed by coyotes

    Just wait till the cats come east. Guns and (smart) dogs. Leave the asses for Woofsey.
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    Hamilton Island Challenge ~ Validity

    Not a great parallel. In the AC, the challenger is a beneficiary of the trust. In your example, the broker is not a beneficiary
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    More Rumors!

    The AC72s will race around the Farralons. The surviving crew members will go over Niagra Falls in an AC45.
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    CoR for AC35

    FYI, AC Park had to be closed off yesterday due to too large a crowd. There was a line of cops holding back a crowd of thousands trying to get in to watch the finish.
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    Things we (may have) Learned from AC34

    I think there was a lot more in the early races. Which I interpret as ETNZ being able to use match racing tactics to keep a slightly faster but discombobulated opponent behind them. Once Oracle got its act together the match racing game started hurting ETNZ more than Oracle, and ETNZ started...
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    Things we (may have) Learned from AC34

    As I remember in ETNZ's 7th win (Race 11?), Oracle was ahead at the windward mark, ETNZ split gates setting up a port-starbord on the first cross downwind. Oracle had to duck, and lost the race.
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    Do 'we' deserve to win?

    Grow a pair, you navel-gazing fucks! I'm ditching work, getting up at 4am and driving down there to watch a race, not a fucking tragedy. Bring it on!
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    ****The Official Kiwi Bitch Thread for the Fans****

    Mate look at the fucking pain and suffering in this world, yes it is just a boat race, important to a few granted, but not life or death. Would have been great to win, but hey it wasn't to be. I just hope that NZL support the crew rather than blaming them, we were simply beaten by a better...
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    Roll Call

    Cool. Looks like some snow in the pass, but I'll take that over bay-area traffic any day.
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    Roll Call

    Does taking the Vallejo Ferry to Pier 41 and walk to AC park make sense?
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    Whatever happens, New-Zealand has already won the Cup !

    Relatively few US AC boats have ever had majority US crews, going back to the very beginning. And back when there was a real US merchant marine, the sailors were predominantly non-US. Even the US Navy was mostly crewed by non-US sailors prior to WWI.
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    The TAIL fell off!

    PAPI was functional, right until it got run over by a 700,000 lb aircraft. ILS was down-moving the thresholds. For those playing at home, NOTAMs are in zulu time Not a pilot, just a guy who was fretting about the grain of sand he might have left behind (thankfully it wasn't that runway).
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    Team Red Seems Confused...

    It's Rachel Maddow that's confused. Seriously, though what's wrong with you? If I sailed around in Canada with a giant US-flag kite on my boat and spewed a lot of highly-partisan shit about local politics, people would think I was a giant douche. And rightly so.
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    Legalize Competing Currencies

    That's a function of contract law, and is ancient. Generally all you are due for breach of contract is damages assessed in legal tender. Doesn't matter if you're trading apples for dollars, bitcoins, oranges or a massage - if the other party doesn't come through the court will assess damages...