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    JC Worldwide Podcast

    I was bummed out today to find JC's podcast is no longer available on any of the websites or on iTunes. I think JC was doing a great job with these shows and it's a loss for all of us that there won't be any more (I'm assuming). Does anyone know where I might find archived copies of these? 
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    "Laser Aligned Foils"

    I see this comment sometimes on ads for boats. Can anyone explain to me like I'm five what this really means?
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    Onboard Audio

    Anyone know a way to go back and watch the races with only onboard audio? Or if just the recordings exist anywhere?
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    Skiffs in the US

    I'm fairly new to sailing, so please be patient with my ignorance. Why is it that outside of the US classes like the 29er(XX), 49er, and the Musto seem far more popular? Here in America (at least in the southeast) if I want to race dinghies it looks like the Laser is my best option, and I can't...