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    Defi Azimut 2020 Imocas starting their runs on Wednesday. 19 boats signed up. 
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    Ian Lipinski / Class 40 Credit Mutual challenging round British isle record Phil Sharp and crew hold the current record ~8 day on the Mach 40.2 in 2018 Lipinski aiming to break it solo on the scow
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    Class 40 weathers storm

    Class40 withstands the crisis June 23, 2020 - Class40 The announcement in the last two weeks of the construction of  four new boats  (for Antoine...
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    West Wing

    Who would have possibly anticipated that the west wing would end up being the accidental praetorian guard/wrestler and potentially knock out the federal gov?
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    Mini sailor lost at sea

    Very sad news that 57 year old mini sailor stephane thomas was lost at sea - his mini found unmanned while he was leaving Ireland for Lorient.
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    GFS upgraded and looming concerns

    About 2 weeks ago, NOAA rolled out the new underlying model used to produce GFS after years of parallel & retrospective forecast testing.  We should see GFS resolutions go up and water vapor simulation improve significantly. Will be good to see how ECMWF and GFS compares now in diff...
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    Ofcet in liquidation Unfortunate the ofcet 6.5 market disappeared, 32 never took off. Wondering if RM will be impacted. 
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    Spi Ouest IRC Double