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    Wire Transfers and account info

    I've got a non-US client who wants to pay me via wire transfer as he doesn't have a US bank account. I'm concerned about giving him my account information. I don't know the guy personally, but others have told me he's not altogether trustworthy. Still, he's trying to get established (and has...
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    EFSMI confirms Ernesto's Record

    Breaking News The European Fecal Standards and Measurement Institute (EFSMI) in Zurich Switzerland has confirmed Ernesto Bertarelli’s record-smashing turd after a long and meticulous measurement process. Mr. Bertarelli’s turd, which he affectionately refers to as Alinghi 5 (or just A5), weighs...
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    BOFD if Oracle wins?

    Assuming Oracle wins, do they still have grounds to sue SNG for BOFD? I would presume any action based on the CiC, NOR, SIs and anything related to the match itself would be moot if Oracle wins. But could Oracle still go after SNG for monetary damages based on BOFD, for instance on the...