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    Malibu & Return Race

    Any pictures & results?
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    Where Are The J70 Fleets In The US

    We now have 10 boats in the Santa Barbara area. Four others are ready to pull the trigger.
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    Looking For Good Used J24 Mast

    Looking for a good used J24 mast in California for a friend.
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    FAST 40

    All we know is that the boat is 4000 pounds and 40' in length. This boat makes a Hobie 33 look beamy. Keel is 2000 pounds and hull is 2000 pounds. Boat is cold-molded. Lifting keel and outboard rudder. Has anyone raced one of these boats? How do they do racing? Any tips? Any history on...
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    Keel Flange Leaking Big Time?

    We raced hull # 80 in the Santa Barbara/King Harbor Race and had a big problem with water blowing out the sides of the top of the keel. We were on a flat out plane with boat speeds ranging from 15 to 20 for an hour. For 7 hours straight we had different crew members pumping the bilge so we...
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    Santa Barbara/King Harbor Race

    What's your wind prediction?
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    Mast Partner Adjustment

    What ideas are out there to easily adjust the mast partners at the deck? If you have would be a big help. Thanx in advance.
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    Hanks For A 30' Race Boat?

    What is the latest and greatest design of jib hanks for a 30 foot asso. sport boat? Anything new? We don't need to do quick sail changes. (only one halyard anyway)
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    Picture Of "Magnitude" Finishing Trans Pac

    Magnitude's mast looks way too straight for the wind conditions finishing at Diamond Head. Her main would look alot nicer if she had some mast bend. :o
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    Sportboat in Phuket

    I am looking to charter a fun fast sport boat for the Phuket Kings Cup that is competitive if well sailed. :)
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    Coastal Cup

    I looked outside my office here in the Santa Barbara harbor and saw an Express 27 finishing at 9:30 am day 3? Crazy shit. ;)
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    Phuket Kings Cup

    Looking to charter a fast boat for Kings Cup in December. Hopefully a pole boat for 6-8 person crew. Any ideas? :)
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    Fastest 40 foot PHRF in light wind

    What is the fastest PHRF 40 footer speed per rating in lighter winds?
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    PHRF 40 Footer

    What is the fastest 40 foot PHRF boat in lighter winds around the cans speed per rating.
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    20 Viper

    How does this boat do in different wind conditions per its rating
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    Best kelp pole?

    Looking for the best kelp pole for my 30'