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    2014 moth worlds

    I just love how the FP article on the worlds seems to indicate that the winner somehow did it because...well no competition showed up. Got to love the bias. Sorry...but the winner is the winner no matter who shows. This idea that since people decided to not come that somehow diminishes the...
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    Pros in sailing

    I was talking with a friend about getting a J-70, and his comment was "why bother". As he pointed out, while the fleet (Annapolis) is growing and solid, the reality is that the top 5 places will always be the pros. I got to thinking about that, and while I don't have a problem with...
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    Volvo mast steps

    On the front page I noticed 2 volvo masts with something I have not seen before attached to the base of the mast. It appears that the masts have a tube bolted to the bottom that is approx the width of the boat. Also both masts appear to have pretty short bases, are they "keel" stepped or do...
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    Rules question "windshadow"

    Ok I was approached by someone who had an interesting question. I am interested in this (submitted a formal question to ISAF) but hell SA is a LOT better than them! The basic question is can your wind shadow be the basis for a foul on giving "room"? The specific scenario is this: Boat A is...
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    Wow...SA misses out on this?

    So I get home from BIIRW (Bermuda) expecting to see all the details on a little rule 69 protest from the Bermuda race week. Yet nothing on SA? WTF? Come on all you SA diggers, start digging! Yep, 2 people were brought up and found guilty of a rule 69 violation in the J-24 fleet. Lets...
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    ISAF categories

    I was looking at the M-32 Gold cup entrants, and saw the ISAF category listing there. I have to say, but that is a TOTAL JOKE. I know of at least one boat with 2 people on it who are classified 100% wrong, one works full time on boats (should be at the minimum a 2), the other is hired to...
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    Newport Lodging

    Ok...Lightning NA's are in Newport, Aug 8-14th. Since the F-d up schedule pretty much writes off renting a house (have to be there friday vs a sat to sat rental) what kind of options are there for cheaper housing? Any suggestions? Oh hell...anyone want to put us up for the week?
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    valencia sailing

    Hey folks. Just a quick question. I enjoyed looking at Valencia sailing's blog, but recently it appears to have switched to a non "visual" format. Basiclly a menu and RSS type feed. Is this a browser problem on my end? I have seen this type of thing as...
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    Ed video...pumping

    Nice vid Ed. Though you might want to talk to your main trimmer when shooting video. The huge emphasis on Rule 42 has a number of people really "keen" on the rules for pumping! Check out about 56 seconds into the video you hit a nice wave, and the main trimmer does three nice pumps on the...
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    tacktick micro showing 'cal' Micro is showing "cal" on the left screen when in compass mode. Tried all kinds of things, but can't get it to go back to normal. Battery had died, so charged it for a while in the sun. Looks good now, but any ideas? I'm still looking for a dead micro with a good case to do an...
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    winch helmet

    Ok...what is the "winch helmet" on TNZ's pit winch? Valencia sailing has a nice pic of it. Can't figure it out to be honest as it does not look like there is room for wraps. Figured it was a better self tail strip for the spin halyards (person cannot keep up with it when ground up) but not sure.
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    Tactic micro case

    Hi folks...need to find a TacTic Micro case. If anyone has a case that is in good condition (but the unit is dead) let me know. Better use than the trash!
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    open 60 in Bermuda what is up with Everest in Bermuda? I just went by it yesterday, and it looks REALLY bad. I know the story, heard the reports. But has there been any further progress on it? There is a box on the deck, and the sides look patched (but horrible looking!), but the boat seems to be...
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    rules question...hunting

    Ok...rules have changed this just a touch, and last night was the first time I could have used a better explination. Here is the situation: J-35s...8-10 kts shifty wind. Sailing into the harbor in Annapolis. We are on stb, competitor is on port. We are just behind earlier, and to win we...
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    Alinghi draft stripes

    Some wierd draft stripes on Alinghi's sails. Normally they vary in width depending on distance from the camera. I have never seen some that vary along the stripe itself, from front to back (thick, then thin, then thicker). Appears the thin spot is at the max draft area. Interesting...I...
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    rules/measurement question

    Ok folks. Simple question (ok not!) on how you would handle a situation that almost occured in a class. I am not bashing or trying to inject my thoughts on the matter...I simply want to know what unbiased folks think! Situation - A boat builder builds a new prototype boat for a OD class. The...
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    VOR vs Annapolis Nood

    Ok...Was looking at the schedule and saw that the VOR inport race is on the same weekend as the Annapolis NOOD. Anyone know how they are going to work that? Most if not all of the racing "circles" in Annapolis will be full up with the NOOD traffic, so I doubt the VOR guys will get their own...
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    Ram design

    I wanted to post some thoughts on the ram designs. I don't know 100% for sure what they are using on the VOR boats, but I have seen some pics and comments, and I do have some experience in aviation hydraulics. One thing I wondered was the alignment issue that Juan K and Don both discuss. From...
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    Bitch about Farr...but you have to remember....

    Farr may or may not have screwed up. Personally I think thier "bomber door" design is idiotic. The lack of skin structure in that area obviously has some issues...and the resulting loading is creating more. BUT...Farr is not really alone here. You have to remember that Juan K's first boat...
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    rule question

    Ok folks. Here is a question to debate. I don't have diagrams, sorry. 4 boats are overlapped while sailing downwind. All are even, all are sailing on starboard, and all are heading to a downwind finish. Boat A is the most leward boat, then B, then C, then D. Etc. Overlap was created by...