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    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    Looks a little bigger than what i had but the windows, hull and transom look just like a Mystic Mini Ton (Kirby 21) i used to own
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    What is the most epic voyage ever undertaken on a J24?

    Left the dock one with this girl named.... Damn. Can't remember name but.....
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    Reading list for the aspiring offshore racer

    Not much about tech of sailing but a great read and we'll written insight on old school around the world racing is Skip Novack "One Watch At a Time "
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    What Happened to Atlantis Weather Gear?.... loved their stuff

    I had some Atlantis gear a few years back and it did a good job of filtering the water before it drenched you
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    What is next for the amazing J70 class after KWRW?

    Columbia Sailing Club on Lake Murray in central SC has invited the 70's to join the 24's at the famous Easter Regatta this year. It's 2 weeks before Charleston, and we can store some boats here both before Easter and in between Easter and Charleston. No breeze promises but it's always a good...
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    Charleston Race Week 2014

    We are giving the Ultimate 20s a try with the J24s at Easter this year. We have about 25-30 Js so far, and maybe 10 or so Ultimates. They will be on completely different courses. They will share the aquarium/blender however.
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    FWIW- The America's Cup from my POV- Flame away

    Maybe, which could be a major problem for the sport. In exactly how many sailing clubs around the world can one reasonably race a foiling wingmasted cat? Only one of the last three clubs I've been a member at had the space and conditions. It was a specialist cat club, with Nacras, a few 14'...
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    Port vs stbd in nova scotia

    If the port guy REALLY decides to hold his course, don't hit him. Leave to the last sec, avoid contact, do whatever bat turns you have to do to miss him, get someone on your boat to run the i phone, and protest the dog crap out of him. Hitting is not cool, no matter what
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    FWIW- The America's Cup from my POV- Flame away

    I also started watching with doubts, but I am now totally into this cup. We are all watching it live, in HD, either on a phone, tablet, computer or on a large TV, with great camera shots, many views, awesome graphics, excellent audio (except when one of the announcers is rambling) -- It is as...
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    NBC's Sailing Coverage

    In one of the early LV cup races one of the commentators said something like "with all this great on-board audio, our jobs will become obsolete soon". Most of the time, the sooner the better.
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    FWIW- The America's Cup from my POV- Flame away

    while I have followed the AC forum and learned a lot (???) I agree that this is a great thread
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    T-10 VS J30

    s2 9.1
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    What's that mean? What's that mean? What's that mean?

    i couldn't do but about half myself
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    How to bring peace in a local OD fleet?

    this sounds like a good idea
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    he needs to take that thing to the beach as soon as possible
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    Hull Speed Coating

    vc 17 works pretty good