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    Press Coverage of NYAC Decision

    From the San Francisco Examiner The America's Cup action is leaving the courtrooms and heading out to the water. We hope. In a unanimous decision, the New York Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC)...
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    New Zealand Internet Blackout

    Sorry this is way off topic, but given LVPS just finished and we have a lot of NZL readers/posters, I was wondering if they could shed light on this internet blackout protest. Something about draconian copyright enforcement and ISPs policing users? I dont...
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    DZ and SD...

    Not to distract from the LVPS and Anarchy Challenge fun but... More sailing on DZ was suppose to start up soon. There had been talk of possible "performance mods" being made over the holidays (discussed on the forum_. Have any SD anarchists been down there to see whats up? anything?
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    Funding SAYC's bid for the 33rd Americas Cup

    Can we make this work?
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    French Spirit Pulls Out of LVPS Timing of announcment seems a bit strange?
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    Cruising sparmaker recommendations?

    Anyone got any? We are thinking about replacing 30 yo masts with lighter more modern ones (not CF) and have NO IDEA about costs. Thought I would ping a couple sparmakers to get some ideas. Anyone got a rigging shop(s) they can recommend? I am in the PNW. thanks all
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    Tooling Appears outside Core Builders

    Appeared yesterday, brought in by truck. Definately NOT a wind turbine blade. Looks like it might be a bit shorter than DZ's amas, but I cant be sure. But, is it tooling or finished hull sections? spares? rejects? Note the center hull tooling in the background which has been there for a while...
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    Alinghi's DoG Multihull

    Alinghi seems to be quiet about this of late. We last heard from them that they*were* building a multihull and that they intend to finish it. They also talked about using Le Black to test ideas for the new multihull. We think we have seen some spy pictures (Stingray, do you know the thread? I...
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    AC legal stuff: recap what next?

    So, with BORs boat now revealed and soon to be on its way to SD, and waiting for Alinghi to deliver theirs, where are we with the legal case? This will be BORs final appeal. Ruling expected early next year. What should we expect to see coming from the legal teams? Will there be some detailed...
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    Just thinking idealistically here... Being that everyone would like to see the AC get back on a normal track, AND, lots would like to see these multihulls race each other. What if... EB and LE were to bury the hatchet and agree to: 1. EB choose a legit challenger, start mutual consent...
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    Assume LE/BOR does appeal...

    After thinking about this, my prediction is an appeal will be announced by BOR within the next 30 days. By then, they should have their legal strategy already mapped out... What might the arguments be? On one of these threads this one really stuck in my mind. SNG may not have standing to...
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    The Pirates of the Caribb.. er.. Core Builders

    As requested in another thread... This has been flying above CB since about the 4th of July. Question for you CB guys: How much drink did it take to get up the nerve to scale that 100+ foot scaffold? :lol:
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    AC history: The Last AC DoG Challenge

    Ok, I vaguely remember the last DoG challenge put to SDYC by Mercury Bay back in the 80s. But can someone put forth an accurate recount (cliff note version) of what were the circumstances and *why* Mercury Bay challenged SDYC in the first place? All I rember is the ridicule of all the legal...
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    130 foot Schooner runs aground in Puget Sound/San Juan Islands Anyone heard any of the details?
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    Nice to see Obama clinching the nomination, but...

    If Dems get Congress and the Presidency, we will eventually be back to the same old pork barrel politics we had with the Republicans (and the Dems before them). My philosphy this election year is: SINGLE PARTY POWER DOES NOT WORK IN WASHINGTON. As much as I dont care for McCain, if it appears...
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    Where are the Alinghi Sympathizer/Fan Forums?

    As I mentioned in another thread, but I think this merits it's own: SA/AC has been accused of being mostly pro-BOR. Where are the public forums that all the pro-Alinghi supporters hang out? Seriously. Anyone know? There doesnt seem to be alot of them here, and I would be interested in reading...
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    AC Anarchy: 40,000+ posts and counting...

    Nope. Nobody cares about the AC anymore.
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    Suppose there is no DoG Match?

    I know it is chump change for LE. But what more could/would he do with it? If we dont see the monster in a DoG match, where could we see it? Seriously?
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    Could this make BMWO Look bad (worse) in the end?

    Perhaps this is stating the obvious but... As both sides PR machines are concerned about their image (to a certain degree), If Alinghi keeps insisting the clock stopped during litigation, this may force BMO to ask Cahn for a ruling. Whereupon Alinghi can keep whacking BMO over the head with...
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    New activity at the BMWO Build Shop

    Just began yesterday. Yesterday morning, they had the ground graded level. Yesterday afternoon a load of steel beams arrived. Today, bunch of workers on hydraulic scaffolds are erecting one of those light steel frame buildings adjacent to the main shop. My guess is they plan on assembling the...