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    The JPK 1085…

    if they can't build etchells might as well build something else!
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    C&C 30 ODR

    I sailed the demo boat when it launched. It wasn't slow, but it also wasn't fast. more stable than a M32 but also not as fun. As prices fall overtime could be fun to have at the right price. 
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    This is the link to the retraction of the original article.
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    Sail-World has since removed the article. 
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    Under researched article based on information from some pretty biased individuals.... World Sailing and IECA release statement yesterday in regards to that article. Only place where this is a massive issue is Australia. North American and UK fleets remain strong with some decent COVID turnouts...
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    forrest gump

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    J70 Worlds

    Ask the Australians.....and the Italians. 
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    I have an early 1000's series boat that has the dog system on it. Did the work myself and didn't cost much more than than the new harken gear and the Dog mouldings. big difference between jib sheeting system's and mould 11 mess. 
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    That is what I thought. Thanks for confirming. Perfect, so the argument of all builders building boats with fundamentally different hull shapes goes out the window. Aussie 11's need a different defence. The " It's not cheating if everyone is" is not a thing. 
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    Sounds like you have a mould 11......  Also in the scans that were commissioned by the aussie's (which showed the same thing as the ones done by the IECA...hilarious) did they not scan both a newer Ontario and Heritage? I thought that was the whole reason for the Aussie's doing it?
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    They got their own scans done thinking that they would be different from the ones commissioned by the IECA. Turns out they weren't and now they don't want to publish them ahead of their national associations vote. Chop' em up....
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    burden of cost increases?

    Acetone has gone up 96% in bulk 
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    Etchells set up

    Love that the East Canadian fleet is growing! We've got 12 very active boats sailing every Thursday on Lake Ontario with another 4 that will be joining for local events. We should explore meeting somewhere more central for a 2023 Canadian Championship. 
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    Etchells set up

    What is your mast butt measurement? And Forestay length?
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    Flying Tiger 10m Knowledge base

    The young guys raced the piss out of an old one with shit sails in Lanier for a winter and pissed the old guys off by winning with a boat worth less than the old guy's sails. 
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    Flying Tiger 7.5???

    There was one for sale in Barrie, Ontario not sure if it sold or the owners decided to keep it. 
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    Chicago Area III

    Odds of the  Chicago-Mac taking place this year ?
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    Canada Joins the Rest of the World in Racking Up Gun Deaths

    Would have been much much worse if they were armed with America's beloved AR-15... 
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    Canada Joins the Rest of the World in Racking Up Gun Deaths

    Not really... Most guns in ownership are hunting rifles or handguns.  No semi or fully automatics up here... For that reason alone we are far from being anywhere close to "well on the way"