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    65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    how did they get it in?
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    Adventures in Photoshop

    too bad this is most likely fake
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    Club 420 Charter

    way to be a dick to someone looking for a boat
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    Drunken boat brawl in Tiburon (with video)

    white people problems
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    3 dead in N2E

    Highly doubtful that a vsl sailing from Mexico to Washington would transit the Santa Barbara channel. Forgetting about navigation, California has something called "CARB" which would require the vsl to burn Gasoil instead of the normally used Fuel Oil to keep all the tree huggers happy. The ship...
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    3 dead in N2E

    Where do you get your bullshit from? "3rd world ships" Tankers calling the USWC are vetted very strictly and many quality run vsl's are rejected for the simplest things. Please stop spreading your garbage, you obviously know nothing. My condolence to the family and friends of the people onboard.
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    American YC Spring Series

    They're in 3rd, whats the lesson?
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    3 dead in N2E

    there are 2 people on watch, the mate and the AB
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    what is it? and where is it going?

    its a macgregor 26
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    a very public grounding

    maybe he thought it was iala b...
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    Wide-open discussion of the loss of Low Speed Chase

    what about lobbying for a weather buoy out there and using that as your mark?
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    Barnacles and props? What's your solution?

    any recent reviews of propspeed?
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    No Discharge Zone for Cape & the Islands

    This is all about generating revenue for the local economies. Tax revenue is down, so fines and tickets for other violations is there to fill the void.
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    B25 or alternatives...

    order a j-70
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    Italian cruise ship tragedy

    ok, you're amazing, you found one of the few ships in the world that has doors on its thrusters, great. as for a display of ignorance: "I think that vessel is so damn big that once it lost power, even going head to wind would slow it down quickly because of all the windage above the...
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    Italian cruise ship tragedy

    doors on bow thrusters, thanks for the afternoon laugh!
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    Bad Art is Bad Art...

    i can't get on facebook at work and assume there are others with the same issue. lets not have comments added on that site only.
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    Brewer's Yacht Haven officially demolished

    BLT says it will build 'working boatyard'
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    Italian cruise ship tragedy

    "Schettino: I did not leave the ship. The ship capsized very quickly and we were thrown into the water." how did this line not make the translation in the LA Times?