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    Abu Dhabi Out for next VOR

    Sad day indeed. one of the larger better funded programs out. Interesting to see what the actual team count is at now..
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    Refinishing a Carbon Spinnaker Pole

    Clear coat has been peeling off the pole since the beginning of last season. With the remaining time before launch i would like to refinish it. If this topic has been posted before please post the link. Just looking for an idiots guide to re-clear coating.
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    Playing with a Moisture Meters

    I was playing with a moisture meter yesterday and was surprised when i put it on a new J70 Hull. It pinned the needle of the chart. Now clearly this boat has been dry sailed since leaving the factory so it obviously it cant be due to moisture being in the hull. Is there something in the...
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    Oracle Announces Crew For AC finals

    James Spithill, Helmsman Shannon Falcone, Grinder Rome Kirby, Grinder John Kostecki, Grinder/Tactician Kyle Langford, Wing Trimmer Jonathan Macbeth, Grinder Joe Newton, Jib Trimmer Gilberto Nobili, Grinder Tom Slingsby, Grinder/Strategist Joe Spooner, Grinder Simeon Tienpont, Grinder No big Ben ?
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    Van ki pas

    Does anyone have any knowledge on the where abouts of Van ki Pas. Is she for sale? trying to find her!!!