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  1. sailflat

    Competition Composites, AKA Phils Foils

    The don't have any contact info on their web site... No phone number. No Address. No email other than a contact form. Are they out of business? Anyone talk to them recently? Any alternate sources for a carbon tiller? Cheers.
  2. sailflat

    Men sailing in Suits

    I had totally forgotten this video ever existed... A friend linked it to me on Facebook And whomever directed it clearly knew more than a little about sailing.
  3. sailflat

    Friends list GONE, PMs GONE, settings GONE

    Huge FAIL. That is step 1 in any IT project. Don't fuck your users! A pointless upgrade, waste Scots time and money. Roll it back to the backup if you can't recover the important stuff. Who cares about 1 days worth of messages complaining about the "upgrade" FOR GODS SAKE Loose them and go...
  4. sailflat

    Need a Jib to fit a Pearson 30

    Have a friend with a Pearson 30 that she is racing with a 135 jib... Scouting for a used larger jib, something in the neighborhood of a 155 or so.... Can anyone make a guesses where I should be looking? Maybe a J105 Jib? Thanks
  5. sailflat

    XM weather durring the Mills

    It has come to my attention that a certain winner of their class watched the weather cross the lake on their XM weather display during the race... Outside Assistance? Should they give back their flag?
  6. sailflat

    Available for Mills

    I'm looking for a crew spot this year. The owner of the boat I usually drive hasn't returned from a month long vacation in Russia so I am without a ride. In excellent physical condition. Can drive, trim, pit, nav, tactics... Whatever... Have my own copy of Expedition and can get a NMEA...
  7. sailflat

    Galley Solutions(new and improved!)

    So... Since the other thread has become polluted by DoubleReef vomiting ludicrous drivel... Galley layouts... From sailing cats I prefer an up down arrangement. Even in smaller monos I like to have some real galley capacity in the cockpit in the form of prep while at anchor or drifting...
  8. sailflat

    Precourt 7.5

    If you like the vaporware Tiger Cub you just might be interested in a little boat made in Canada by Precourt... Not a multihull but still has legs. Pretty sexy. Notice the twin rudders. And a better interior than a FT10...
  9. sailflat

    ISAF measurement committee chair

    I don't know if anyone from the class has spoken with David re your OD rules situation but someone should. He is the chair of the ISAF measurement committee. He is a very nice guy and will give you frank, well thought out advice about the situation. He can help get your class measurer(do you...
  10. sailflat

    Another splicing question

    Another damm splicing question We have some 1/4 spectra that needs to get some grip in a cam cleat so I need to add a cover. Have about 3 feet of cover. How do I add the cover to the spectra so that it will not migrate and so that the ends of the cover are fair and will not get caught in...
  11. sailflat

    Who's going to the Us ailing OD symposium?

    Anyone going? When are you getting there?
  12. sailflat

    Who is going to the Big Show? (Annapolis)

    So we are planning on heading to the show... Some years we stay on someone's boat... Some years a cheap hotel. Used to know someone who lived close to the show who loaned us their mooring ball. This year we are thinking about dragging the F28 with us and staying on it. Anyone have a secret...
  13. sailflat

    Burning Man Anarchy

    A sailing/piracy camp at Burning Man... Seems like an Archaist's dream! I know that there have to be some conflicting regattas that weekend but come on; its Burning Man? Where else can one walk across the desert naked along among a crowd of thousands of other like minded people. Where else...
  14. sailflat

    centerboard repairs

    So... We hit a submerged object and are now missing about a 4 inch tall by 3 inch deep chunk of our board. Must be slow. :angry: We will probably send it off to Phills for some repairs but are interested in how we might proceed to repair it ourselves... It seems to be glass over a foam...
  15. sailflat

    Tactics of "Cross or Tack"

    I have started a separate thread for this to make it clear that this is entirely an Tactical discussion, not a rules debate. I put to you that one should never ask or answer the query "Tack or Cross" to begin with. By asking or answering one is only inviting trouble... Lets have a look...
  16. sailflat

    A mock protest...

    Allrighty then... To make things more clear to everyone regarding rules questions, answers, and protests. I propose that we have an organized thread that would be a role playing situation of a protest... Let's use a recent scenario... Boat on P is closing on a collision course with S and...
  17. sailflat

    Line for a Facnor code 0 furler

    Allrighty.... Need some 8mm line that is easy to splice and grip for a Facnor continuous furler. Tried what the owner bought for it and that ended up in the fire after a week. What do you recommend? Any splicing instructions? Thanks...
  18. sailflat

    performance hit for a through hull

    So... We are debating on what to do with a through hull for a for a head that is no longer in use. Not sure we want to needlessly glass over the thing as it could be used in the future. Does anyone have any idea how to quantify the performance hit from having the hole there... Call it a 1.5...
  19. sailflat

    Lake Erie Multihull out of business?

    SO... It seems that Lake Erie Multihull has gone out of business. Hit their web site... GONE! What will happen to PHRF multihull sailing on lake Erie... It is gone too??? Or has Great Lakes Multihull Racing Association finally taken over?
  20. sailflat

    US Coast guard question

    If you happen to be in the coast guard please pm me. I have a couple of questions.