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    3 Rivers Race, 2022.

    Due to the Queen's platinum anniversary moving the bank holiday to the Normal 3RR weekend, the proposal for 3RR 2022 is that the race will be the Weekend BEFORE the bank holiday. So 28th- 29th May.. Final confirmation of next year's programme of sailing for the 2022 Norfolk Broads season has yet...
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    This could cause a problem..

    It appears the earth's magnetic field is changing..
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    3 Rivers Race 2021

    I predict the 60th 3 Rivers Race will occur on the 5th and 6th June  2021, but I got that wrong last year.  High tide is 1 hour 15 minutes before first start, so that should be good for getting the boats away down river.
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    3 Rivers Race 2020

    Entry forms for the 60th, 3 Rivers Race,  30th May-31st May 2020 are now available on the website... You have 24 hours to sail 50+ miles, under 3 bridges ( twice) with up  to 150 sailing boats ( normally about 100) 14ft to 40ft,  clips of last year's race above.. 
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    A very one design, the rebuild..

    OK then,  this goes back to 1996, when I took a job in Saudi Arabia.  This was pre satellite TV, pre internet, days in Saudi.  Needless to say within 2 days I was down at the company Baech, sailing wayfarers or lasers.. I was glad to find two boats being built inside the company accommodation...
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    Draft Racing Rules 2021-2024 are out Having had a look, mostly as usual, it's just wording changes, A big change for us is the changes to Starting and Finishing, as it will be measured from the Hull,  not the Hull  or crew or Equipment . Most of our cruisers have some very...
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    Horning regatta 2019

    Just a occasional post about this years regatta. It started yesterday with just two planned races in the afternoon.  On Black Horse broad. A quiet start with thirty boats,  from a couples of toppers up to some 45 ft traditional broads cruisers. The only incident was a 40ft broads cruiser's...
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    50 years of the Yeoman and Kinsman

    Here's a link to the 50th Aniversary nationals in the local paper, the Yeoman is the fixed keel version the Kinsman is the lift keel. The local paper get's it wrong of course, the National's don't belong to NBYC, but to the Yeoman and Kinsman...
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    3 Rivers Race 2019

    What is the 3 Rivers Race? It's one of the toughest inland waterways  races in Europe.  It's held on the Norfolk Broads you have 24 hours to sail 50+ miles,  going under 3 bridges, which will require lowering your mast.  The rivers are tidal,  getting your timing right to use the tides is most...
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    3 Rivers Race 1st and 2nd June 2019, (UK)

    Well this is mostly for the UK members of the fleet here, But we have had the odd team from elsewhere come and join in this race. (A team of Doctors from Canada once .. they didn't make it round the course in time). Just to give you a thought of trying something different, with time to get...