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    unusual scoring question

    So hypothetically, when doing the scoring calculations for a clubs season long series of weekend races, if a competitor got banned from the club activities mid way through the series, how should their score be carried ?  Its low score, no throw outs, so DSE / DSQ isn't relevant, DSQ seems right...
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    How to turn on the backlight function for a Rockbox Blue

    hoping someone remembers, can't find it in the manual.  pretty sure I did it once, long ago now, lol.
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    easypoxy vs brightside ?

    small project < a quart, roll and tip, dark blue.  any advantage or disadvantage with either ?
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    clearcoat on cf sprit failing

    whats best for recoating ? Its a black 2005 j/109 sprit, just the front foot or so. fine elsewhere.
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    Awlgrip painted hull wax or no wax ?

    I've got a 10 year old blue awlgrip painted hull. the usual small dings and etc. Awlgrip says don't wax, apparently because there is: 1.) no benefit in longevity, and 2.) the wax must be maintained. The first may be true, but it can sure look shinier, the second sounds a lot like more wax at...
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    Experience with Micron 66 in the PNW ?

    Thinking about shifting up to this from the basic micron thats on the boat now. Does it last for two seasons ? easy to apply ? etc. all the usual questions.
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    Impressions of the B&G Zeus system?

    Has anyone used one?
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    Micron 66 in the PNW

    Does anyone have experience with this paint in the Pacific Northwest ? How long does it last and etc ? Interlux says baltoplate /vc offshore can go over with with heavy sanding, as opposed to complete removal, has that worked out ? thanks.
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    Vinyl lettering on 12 year old awlgrip

    Any special hints to remove without messing up the paint?
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    Rockbox blue firmware update?

    Rock city marine's site is no longer, does anybody have a copy of the latest firmware update for the rockbox blue ? I believe its revision BB. Thanks.
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    Days super spar varnish opinions?

    Going to try it out on my teak hand and rub rails. Looks like good stuff.
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    Jobson and issler were on about herberts yesterday. Never run into this Term for a knot or asshole in a line. Origins?
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    Spinlock throttle controller

    Busted my old one and am looking for alternatives, any downside to going with the spinlock removable handle controller?
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    J 33 polars?

    Looking for set of polars for the j 33, has anyone got them?
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    Music on the BOR livestream vid ?

    anybody know where this comes from ?
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    Any experience with Doyle Fiberlay sails ?

    they appear to be virtually the same as UK / Halsey tapedrive. Has any one gotten a set ?
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    basic russian sailing vocab ?

    I'm hosting a non sailing russian for a week or so and thought I'd take him out. Can anyone point to a russian-english basic sailing vocabulary ? Spasiba
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    seaborne funeral etiquette ?

    I will be participating in a funeral / ash scattering procession on the water to honor a friend and racing skipper. I'm not at all clear what the correct behavior wrt to flags and such on the boat should be. My inclination is to go with all the flags I've got, and some black streamers. Whats...
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    Where is Assman when we need him ?

    No mention of Ford, Brown and Hussein campaigning their Flying Scot at the 88 worlds in Singapore ? Who can forget Brown hanging it all out, Ford urging calm and Hussein staring down the starboard boats as they port tack the fleet in the first start ? wtf ?
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    fuel stabilizer / biocide for winter with B20 ?

    I'm in the PNW and new to running a diesel with B20 / B5. There seems to be a diversity of opinion as to appropriate additives for winter layup. Don't need to worry about trying to run the motor in below freezing conditions, just prevent condensation and fungi. Any good experience out there ...