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    Easysea winch handle

    The Titans are OK for lightly loaded lines, but while I have never broken one the amount of twist they develop when heavily loaded is off-putting. And as for the floating bit, it just distracts the helmsman while he decides not to turn around!
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    2022 Sydney 2 Hobart. 2h for Tatts

    Come on I'm not THAT big!
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    29er sailing without jib

    OK no one else need comment.
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    2022 sydney to hobart: available for charter

    And mast vertical, give it 30 seconds.
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    What the hell is this thing???

    Except for the PFD bit, (& the jeans), you just described my current sailing gear. But then some of it is so old it is the last survivors of the period!
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    Australian Sailing

    Might as well use the real thing, incredibly unlikely that anyone would actually hit what they aimed at, or is that just my golf?
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    Heavy Weather Sailing

    Temporary for driver change?
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    Asymmetric set-up

    Prove you wrong, heavy 50 foot boat, no sprit, tack line set off the anchor roller leaving less than a foot back to the forestay. Outside gybe is not only safer but easier once the breeze gets up, just takes a bit of coordination. Light airs, smaller/lighter boat, good gap to gybe through...
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    The return of IOR

    And had about a 60/40 chance of having drive at any particular time!
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    You Are All Whiny Assed Pussies

    I resemble that remark!
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    Sailing in the UK

    Only the owner needs the deep pockets. OK mine are reasonably deep, but my arms don't reach the bottom! I owned dinghy & skiffs when I was but a pup, but have been racing other peoples keel boats for nearly 40 years on a very average income, over this time I have done 24 Hobarts, including...
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    AUS SSL Team

    Maybe I should have answered that unknown number call.
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    Sydney Gold Coast Race 2022

    4 days! The tracker still has the last couple getting in Thursday! Give me a couple of days of hard slog followed by a couple in the bar, rather than 4 or 5 days drifting around any time! And yes Ive been there in under 2 day on an old 2 tonner and run out of food a couple of times so I've...
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    Sydney Gold Coast Race 2022

    Bunk Cushions, sorry I spent too long on a cruiser racer!
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    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    That makes her a keeper!
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    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers A little outside Hoppy's original $80K limit. But it's only one zero! Not mine but I have done many a mile on her.
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    That carbon stuff sure burns well...

    If it was caused by the fridge let's hope no beers were harmed!
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    Australian Sailing

    Just don't do it to a boat packed with Japanese tourists while explaining the marriage status of the skipper's parents to him. A very dear and long since departed mate of mine nearly got us flicked from a Hobart Race many years ago using this method to express his displeasure with a cruise boat...
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    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Going sideways to a harbour day boat.