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    Sydney Gold Coast Race 2022

    Yup, The guessers and tactical guys earned their $... Think we should also give big points to Ausreo - the first 'ordinary' yacht for their successful routing over the last 120 NM particularly; and Jules and Clogs for 2nd 'ordinary' boat and 1st shorthanded .. again!
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    Sydney Gold Coast Race 2022

    ... Yup EAC running around 2 knots S within 10 miles of the coast at some points e.g. near Byron .. and it runs 24/7 on that axis, in theory linearly correlated to water depth out to the continental shelf
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    Australian Skiffs

    Just a few more thoughts re Spencer and skiffs... 1. Spencer was very emphatic about sail area and weight - so the Cherub, able to be carried fully rigged by two teenagers set a new standard. And the spinnaker pole length was 75% of the boat length with the spinnaker in proportion. So we...
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    Farr X2

    Furko et al, The bolt sizing is quite conservative for the keel weight - 'safety' factors around or > 5. The metal fastener parts disappeared during the immmersion, beaching, rollovers etc. The only obvious cause is metal fatigue from movement at the keel head. By way of example, if instead of...
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    Farr X2

    Guys, Normally reliable sources involved in the retrieval process suggest that there was no structural failure of the hull parts and that alignment, movement and metal fatigue just in the pins the likely culprits. I guess that the convenience of 'easy keel removal' might need to be reduced a...
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    Cmon Be Safe... You are trapped by some WW1 (or US Vietnam) conventional military thinking. Russia and the Russian leadership are actually quite weak. The problem is more like a civil war, where the hearts and minds win in the end. UKR gov + NATO + UKR locals are unlikely to 'lose'. Let's...
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    Ukraine and Only Ukraine. If it isn't about Ukraine then fuck off

    Enuff of this FFS! What is wrong with the Ruskis? Have they been studying Joe Stalin's playbook; possibly referencing the 1938 internal miltary leadership purge (~ say > 50% of officers executed) and the Katyn massacres of the surrendered Polish officers (thousands) over a period in 1940 are...
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    Australian Skiffs

    Awesome work all parties, I would say... Particularly loved the pic of Dave Porter in early days of 3 handers - just supreme physicality! Rambler, one little correction - the last four hander built was KOOL (cigarette brand) skippered by Michael Chapman - a 55 kg wizard. IIRC, the design was...
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    Biden screws up and lifts tarriffs

    Yo all! Everyone should untwist their knickers a bit re China. Yes, they steal IP and do other shit, but the IP owners should be more careful. Apple, e.g. seems to go ok, but their chips (e.g.) are mostly made in Taiwan and their IP protection is ferocious... But China is on a wobbly tightrope...
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    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Very noice !!
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    Stingers, The UKR seem confident that they can defend and wreck the RUS elements on their side of the border. Not escalating outside sends a very strong signal and guarantees a high level of international support. In the long run (say looking to winter (November)) the UKR goals might be to...
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    Putin and Ukraine

    Jesus! Mighty speculations, some scaremongering and plenty of good thoughts mixed with some pointless nonsense here  - looking at you AJ... Some thoughts: 1. Why does that Catholic Church have any credibility, with anyone. Any organization that: a) required nearly 500 years to obliquely say...
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    Rudder angle

    For a few $, the designer will add predicted optimum rudder angle to your VPP. But, a certain design office chief told me - rudder angle and leeway (this for conventional offshore keelboat) should be approximately the same. So (from Farr 40 VPP) TWS/Heel/Leeway 8.0/14.7/3.1 12.0/21.1/3.5...
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    dqotd sail trim

    Just heat up until you have ~ 5 degrees of heel and  awa ~ 90
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    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    T sailor You missed the point... The ORC downwind polars are so crap as to be useless. Hence, Blurs' actuals are very useful, particularly at the planing crossover - say ~18 TWS. And plenty can be inferred from some accurate real data, as the sail force and hydro drag behaviour for a...
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    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Excellent! Two more questions 1. These using STL and spin area of .... ? (Disko Trooper 5.1 and 101 m2) 2. Do you have the VMG curves as well? Be particularly interested in that for 18 knots TWS - i.e. VMG and speed at 145, 150, 155, 160 and 165 TWA. If it is a running Hobart, the TWA in the...
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    Tee-ball compression fittings

    Down here in OZ, insurers are no longer covering spars using tballs. A bunch of failures, mostly associated with wide staying angles - iirc, the tballs were optimised around ~ 16 degrees, and larger angles typical of gunwale mounted chain plates (generally 18 - 24 degrees) engender bending...
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    J/105 Sparcraft mast replacing Hall

    Surely the recut is just the luff curve? $200 or thereabouts?
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    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Blur, The point I was making in part was that in passage and ocean racing, you are mainly sailing VMC, not much VMG. And as I am sure you are aware, the downwind VMG curves are generally flattish around the optimum, whereas in plenty of conditions, 3 - 5 degrees hotter gives substantially...
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    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Two thoughts... 1. The ORC downwind VPP numbers are crap - it has, for example forecast optimum VMG run TWA of 180 for some poled boats. And the J would be unlikely to ever sail deeper than 155 TWA. 2. For Hobart, shorthanded, you would have a 1, small reef to #3; off at around 23 TWS, 1 reef...