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  1. Mark K

    One legged man wins ass-kicking contest A Virginia high school senior who was born with no right leg and a left leg that ends at the middle of his thigh took home a state wrestling championship – surprising everyone but himself.
  2. Mark K

    For foredeckers who think they are bad-asses..

    Encountered this tube by old Captain Irving, filmed when he was crew on one of the last square riggers.  Those guys were tough. Even the ship's dog was tough. Holy shit... 
  3. Mark K

    Don Jr. disses Jesus But there was one short section of Trump’s speech that I thought was particularly revealing. Relatively early in the speech, he said, “If we get together, they cannot cancel us all...
  4. Mark K

    Fin deals with his lemon Tesla model S

  5. Mark K

    Lora Ingram...You's on first.

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  6. Mark K

    Nani Bushell/Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, 8-26

    Dave meets his match.  
  7. Mark K

    Ron Popeil DTS Ron Popeil, Pioneer Of 'Wait...There's More!' Late-Night Infomercials, Is Dead At 86
  8. Mark K

    Don't ya hate it when uninvited guests just drop in? Parachutist falls through roof of Atascadero home...and lives.  A parachutist training with a group at Camp Roberts fell through the roof of a home in Atascadero on Tuesday. It happened just before 5 p.m...
  9. Mark K

    And we all thought herpes was bad..  A Fungus Is Pushing Cicada Sex Into Hyperdrive And Leaving Them Dismembered
  10. Mark K

    Nice landing.

    So ya wanted to be a helicopter pilot...
  11. Mark K

    What happened here?

  12. Mark K

    Sometime you get the bear, sometimes... ‘Something bit my butt’: Alaska woman using outhouse attacked by bear
  13. Mark K

    "Do You Love Me"

  14. Mark K

    700 foot diameter windmill  
  15. Mark K

    Political affiliations explained

       I can find no flaws in this analysis. 
  16. Mark K

    Mars passes gas. Who Or What Passed Gas On Mars?  Posted onDecember 19, 2014  astrobob   A photo taken today, December 19th, of sand dunes and rock outcrops around the Curiosity rover through the fisheye lens of one of its...
  17. Mark K

    Veni, vidi, vici...  US Troops Deploy ‘Overwhelming Force’ Against Iceland’s Beer Supplies U.S. troops landed in Iceland last week ahead of the start the largest NATO military exercise...
  18. Mark K

    "Yes, Mr. Kurd."   President Trump referred to a Kurdish journalist as "Mr. Kurd" during a press conference on Wednesday.  "Yes, please, Mr. Kurd, go ahead" Trump said in a...
  19. Mark K

    Moral is low at the EPA
  20. Mark K

    July 5th, the B-day of the bikini