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  1. PBO

    President Trump - crystal ball gazing #2

    It's been a few years since any activity from me. About 4 years ago I started a thread "President Trump - crystal ball gazing" that had a few responses & predictions around Trump becoming POTUS  Unsurprisingly many predictions were quite accurate...time for another! My predictions for the...
  2. PBO

    Man wrestles shark & unthinkable happens

    I'll bet you're not as shocked as "Ferret" was
  3. PBO

    Sport Shooting

    Okay my young fella is approaching the age where in Aus he can obtain a minors shooting licence Not being terrified of guns as the gun nuts would like to believe, I'm happy for him to take up the sport Im putting thread in PA because I believe it has the chance for a less polarised discussion...
  4. PBO

    2016 Olympics

    Seems the Olympics are losing some cache generally, less hype, less enthusiasm, less....just less! It could be that we know more athletes are likely to take performance enhancing drugs & that's dulling the 5 ringed shine Some of the Russians are out...that nugget munching Bolt is almost...
  5. PBO

    The anti PC movement

    If Trump has done anything, it’s to further the anti PC movement There’s a large amount of footage from Trump rallies where his supporters are verbally/physically abusive towards protesters in the crowd. This spills out onto the streets in some instances & what appears to be Trump...
  6. PBO

    The US population is shrinking

    Someone had better build that wall, cause no doubt it's the fault of the Mexicans....or you're buckling under the weight of all those guns Does explain some of the little man attitude though :D
  7. PBO

    President Trump - crystal ball gazing

    I'm optimistic US voters won't elect him. But if I'm sorely let down & mouthbreathing stupidity prevails, I think it could be interesting to make some predictions about his performance. And in a few years, if the lights are still on, this thread might be a source of reflection If he is...
  8. PBO

    Aus 2016 election

    Votes are in....whos gunna get the guernsey? Has the Medicare "plan" become pivotal?
  9. PBO

    Global products

    I saw this article & it reminded me of the Kinder surprise chocolates that are apparently banned in the US I wonder what removing the products is...
  10. PBO

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix "Welcome to the home of the SuperFoiler Grand Prix. After more than 18 months of work we are now airborne and have locked away the design of the SuperFoiler with Morrelli & Melvin. Featuring unprecedented aerodynamic & hydrodynamic efficiency along...
  11. PBO

    Solar power depletes photosynthesis

    Jane Mann said she is a local native and is concerned about the natural vegetation that makes the community beautiful. She is a retired Northampton science teacher and is concerned that photosynthesis, which depends upon sunlight, would not happen and would keep the vegetation from growing. She...
  12. PBO

    Life on Mars?

    NASA has called a press conference...
  13. PBO


    Can anyone explain the obsession that Hollywood & pop culture has with zombies? I just don't get it
  14. PBO

    Chrissie Hynde's comments on rape This is such a tortured subject & so easy to misrepresent ones self...I'll have a go at not doing that I think Chrissie has a valid point. I don't...
  15. PBO

    Alaskan Bush People

    Aside from the obvious BS backstory.... How friggin odd is that family!? I can't imagine being the parent of adult children that choose to live with me (as parent) & my kooky paint by numbers theory on life. Please reassure me that I'm not the only one who's skin crawls watching this shite
  16. PBO

    Vaccinating children

    I really don't understand the anti vaccination trend that's happening around the world. In the face of compelling evidence that vaccinations are safe & extremely beneficial, many new parents make the conscious choice to not vaccinate their children. To me this is grossly selfish I have 2...
  17. PBO

    Happy Straya Day

    Happy Australia Day! Load up your favourite piss taking videos....
  18. PBO

    Fuel prices

    I trust Australia isn't alone in benefitting from currently reduced fuel prices? I'm seeing prices for 98 around AUD$1.30 p/l which is down from $1.70, kinda handy but in fuel pricing terms, what goes down must exceed previous highs. Will I see $2.00 p/l? What prices are you paying now/before?
  19. PBO

    ASBA Nationals

    Breeze forecast is for a bit of everything... Which boat & crew are going to prevail?
  20. PBO

    Why is prostitution illegal in the US?

    Is it because of religious reasons? or is it because all the mothers got together & marched on Washington to protect their boys from the evil ladies of the night? Other first world countries aren't scared of prostitution. Why is the US??