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  1. Roam

    Enlarge hatch opening ?

    I want to replace a leaking hatch on my boat since there are no replacement parts available for the hatches currently installed. The closest hatch I found is 1/4" larger than the old hatch opening. This means I need to trim an 1/8" off all sides of the opening down to 1&1/4" . Any...
  2. Roam

    Bowmar port lights on j/34c ?

    Does anyone know what model of Bowmar port lights were installed on the j/34c ? All my port lights are leaking and I’m trying to source new gaskets. thanks, Hugh
  3. Roam

    South Florida Winter racing?

    I'm on my first trip south and I would like to do some racing this winter if possible. Preferably more distance oriented than around the cans. I'm a newbie only having gotten my boat 3 months ago so I want to avoid situations where lots of boats try to occupy the same space at the same time. I...
  4. Roam

    J/34c Anchor Roller?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 89 j/34c and have a question about the setup of the anchor roller. It appears that the "sprit" fort the anchor was damaged at some point. My question is the roller in the right place or should it be moved to the most forward position? If it is in the right place...
  5. Roam

    Fun in Florida in January or Februay?

    I'm thinking of taking my dinghy down to Florida for a week in late January or February and was wondering if there was anything interesting going on around that time that would be worth checking out when I'm not sailing the dinghy. I've never taken a boat with me on a vacation so I'm really not...
  6. Roam

    Small home built beach cat?

    I've just about finished building my first boat (B&B yachts Spindrift 11N) and am now starting to daydream about my next project. I definitely have a need for speed so I'm looking for something that will get the adrenaline pumping. I was thinking a small catamaran would fit the bill. Does...
  7. Roam

    Life Vests?

    I'm hoping to start dinghy sailing soon and was wondering what sort of life vests you would recommend. As a noob I admit to knowing nothing but I expect I would want something low profile that didn't restrict movement. Starting off I'll be mostly sailing on the Potomac river. Thanks, Hugh