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    A great sea story

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    The Front Fell Off

    Condolences to the families of those lost.
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    Guy who just bought a boat

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    Craigslist Boat-Just because you can doesn't mean you should

    If M.C. Escher and Dr. Sues smoked peyote and designed a boat, this would be the outcome.
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    Dinghy Trailer
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    So Much Potential
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    Second Gori Prop AWOL

    Posting for a friend. The have a cruising cat with SD 20 Saildives. Lost a prop and had a very reputable yard install another one. Now that one has come off. Any ideas as to cause and cure are welcomed.
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    Need 12 replacement Portlights

    A good friend is replacing 12 cooked plastic portlights on a Morgan OI 41. He has tasked me to look for an option cheaper than the $170+ cost from Pompanette/Bomar. Any wisdom would be appreciated. The opening size in the deck is 4.5" x 14,5"
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    Laser in OR for Cheap
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    Iron Keel Anarchy

    My friend just bought an O'Day 34 and we need to have a bottom job done, The keel is cast iron and I have read a bit on the owners' sites but I'm still lost. The boat is not pulled yet and I don't know what we will find when we do. I have sandblasted a keel on a Beneteau before and it required...
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    JY 15 Hulls in Cali
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    New hatch slides?

    My pig cruiser has a teak piece on deck on either side of the sliding hatch that is fairly overdue for replacement. I can make them out of teak but I am considering doing them in plastic; does anyone know where I can get 2 x 2 starboard and how hard is it to run through a table saw?
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    Ugly Deck...Paint or Gel Coat?

    I have a 1973 Morgan OI 33 that 70% of the deck is non-skid (which I'll do with Kiwigrip). The old white gel coat is thin and needs some nicks and holes fixed before I put a new finish on. I have intended to roll and tip with AwlGrip or Perfection and then I found that my local marine supply...
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    Mobile Home Local Ad Enjoy....
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    Any Saling in Dago? Jan 20-22, 2012

    I have a conference at Mission Bay ending Friday afternoon. I booked a flight out early Sunday but if anyone needs crew Saturday I'm available.
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    Need a Sailing Camp Instructor in FL

    Sorry to spam, our club needs an instructor and fast!
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    Need a Sailing Camp Instructor in FL

    Our instructor is in a bit of trouble and cannot meet the background search requirements under new FL law. Please PM me if you are available in N. FL for two weeks in June and two in July. Pay $650/week and we can find you a place to stay gratis. Must be available in FL to be fingerprinted...
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    Roller Furler Issues

    My pig cruising boat blew up the deck toggle on my ancient roller furler. The unit has no markings or anything as to who made it and I need some parts or plan on replacing the unit. It was interesting watching the whole foil/sail/forstay fluttering downwind of the boat in 12 knots to say the...
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    Aqua Buff Gel Coat Polishing

    I have a 10 year old Whaler and I wanted to take care of some heavy gel coat oxidation from the previous owner's neglect. Last summer I tried to restore the gel coat on my J24 while it was on the hard. I wet sanded the hull with 800, 1000. 1200 and 2000 grit wet and dry then followed with 3M...