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    Hey - Can't An Old Guy Watch a Pole Dance?
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    Don't Have Sex With This Woman

    This is definitely on the far extreme of kinky:
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    Sex for Vape Pens - Not Florida but Close Strange things happen in Tennessee also.
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    Ron Jeremy Couldn't Keep His Fly Zipped

    Looks like Ronny boy is in deep shit:
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    No Free Condoms at the Olympics

    Just saw that the Japanese won't give away free condoms during the games. Only some souvenirs to bring home to the family. Given the athletes will be stuck inside their compound most of the time how will they be...
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    Commercial Ship Capsizes in Gulf

    Looks like some were rescued but it doesn't look good for others.
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    Air Force Pilot Screws Up - Wrong Airport

    The guy lands a big jet at a small airport. Oops! Maybe they won't notice.
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    My State Government Sucks

    I'm pissed and just need to vent. I live in the People's Republic of Illinois where the government is supposed to help us. Blue state all the way. My 87-yr old mom is totally stressed by all the BS and confusion about getting her vaccinations so I get to spend a couple of hours online each day...
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    Guy Lives In Airport for 3 Months

    Sounds like something out of a Tom Hanks movie: Just the idea of eating at the airport restaurants makes me queasy. 
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    Mazda Vehicles

    Looking for a new (or used) SUV to replace a 11-year old GMC. One choice is a Subaru but I'm seeing a lot of good stories about the Mazda CX-5. Major needs are to trailer a dingy and AWD to get through the Midwestern snows.   Any thoughts from the SA wise people?
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    Gale Sayers RIP

    One of the greatest! I remember seeing him as a kid and he was amazing. Few could make cuts and avoid tackles like he did. Career was cut short by knee injuries but he still was an icon.
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    Trophy Recommendations

    Hey all, our club is running a regional dingy regatta next month and we are looking for trophy recommendations. Don't want to spend too much but we want to be unique and fun. Who have you guys used who are reliable and don't break the bank? 
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    Used Car Anarchy

    Looking for a used car recently from a Subaru dealer near me. When reviewing the CarFax report some of the cars with low miles that seem to be pretty good deals are listed as "Repurchased/Lemon Law" by the manufacturer. Is this a red flag to run the other direction or is it just a cranky owner...
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    Stuck on a Boat During Quarantine

    Interesting article about a family stuck on their boat while cruising around the Caribbean:
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    Movies I've Rewatched due to Covid-19

    One of the best ever:  
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    Coronavirus conference due to coronavirus

    This is the ultimate Catch 22. I guess we all need to lock the doors and pull out the hand sanitizer.  
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    Pete and Amy Gone

    Ok folks, I am pissed. It seems like our only choices for President will all be senior citizens with uncertain health histories. The orange clown is overweight, Biden is sleepy, Liz is cranky, Mike has unknown problems and Bernie had a heart attack. I am no spring chicken but I admit that this...
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    Buck Henry dts

    Great writer and actor:
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    Rich White Kid Might Actually Go To Jail

    So the kid keeps getting caught. Will he actually go to jail? 
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    New Year's Resolutions

    Mine is to not let the idiots and assholes on PA  piss me off too much. Otherwise the normal stuff: loose weight, exercise more, sail more, drink better booze.