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    Budget Caps and Wind Tunnel Restrictions - Levelling the Playing Field or Trying to Stop the Tide Coming In?

    The season of 2021 was among the most competitive season in Formula 1 in recent memory. Not only did we have the momentous battle between Hamilton and Verstappen but in a Hybrid era which had been characterized by three teams occupying the front 3 rows of the grid , no less than 8 teams...
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    Long Covid

    I recently got to read the report on the long term impact of long covid by demographer Neil Howe Here is one of the data sources.   Detailed Study of Patients with Long Haul Covid - Analysis of Private Healthcare Claims--A FAIR Health White Paper This study by Fair Health has one great...
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    Restructuring World Sailing : Start a New Era with a New Budget

    A thread which was discussing Olympic classes veered off into the current parlous state of World Sailing Finances. World Sailing was in a weakened financial state coming into the Olympics. With the postponement of the Olympics, WS was in danger of not being able to meet its obligations and was...
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    Long Term Future of AC and Professional Sailing

    The AC is the pinnacle of the sport of professional sailing. It provides the highest paid jobs for sailors and designers. It obtains the most media coverage. The amount of money invested by the teams dwarfs any other sailing event. But is the governance and structure of the AC  flawed as a...
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    If you could speak in front of the WS board, what would you like to say?

    The recent World Sailing Questionnaire on the FP concluded with the question: If you could speak in front of the WS board, what would you like to say? Here is one answer: World Sailing should define categories of events that should be represented in the Olympics before defining the event or...
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    US Olympic Team - Whoa, no Women 470 athletes

    Malcolm Page has just announced the US Olympic Team US SAILING TEAM     Interestingly,  no board sailors and no 470 women's team.   The US approach was previously to have a representative in each discipline no matter what.   Has the bar been raised?
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    Best Navigation App for GPS enabled ipad

    I searched.  Im surprised there isnt already a thread. What do folks use for coastal sailing (East Coast USA in my case) on their ipad? Simple.....clear and good graphics...because im sailing a small fast boat and can only glance at the ipad in its ziploc from time to time.
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    Help me choose the right new race boat.

    I'm looking for a new boat to own and race and I'm open to civilized advice. I am over 50. I used to be an active Laser sailor. I have not raced much due to family and profession for the last 15 years. We have more time now and I'm ready to get out on the race course again. I own a fast...