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    When doing the right thing risks widespread injury

    So the Italian authorities in Trieste have seized a superyacht belonging to a Russian squillionaire, as is the fashion in the last few weeks.  Personally I wish that all govts everywhere would seize and destroy all these obscene vessels, regardless of owner ... but that's another matter...
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    Gibraltar orcas were framed

    From The Guardian : Spanish police have busted a drug ring suspected of simulating sailing boat accidents, including an attack by orcas, to smuggle hashish from Morocco...
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    When every bird is big, white and long-necked, what is a swan?

    Review here of Nautor's new Swan 58, expertly presented by the very experienced Toby Hodges of Yachting World. Most of the traditional Swan virtues are alive and well: fine sailing design, exquisite construction, superb finishing, solid engineering.  Now with a very high grade of contemporary...
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    Institute for Nautical Folly

    In the discussion on SV Seeker, @Foiling Optimist wisely proposed that the USA should establish a National Institute for Nautical Folly 9NINF), supported by the Office of Naval Research and the America Sociological Association. I am sure that the White House night team has already seen Foiling...
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    Bridge deck travellers: safe? covenient?

    In the BP28 thread, lots of people dissented from my criticism of the bridge-deck-mounted mainsheet traveller. I say it is inconvenient and dangerous; others say it is fine. I say it is an idea which arose only because many boats designed from the 1960s to 1990s had short booms which didn't...
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    BP28: Revisiting a 50-yo design brief

    Here's an interesting project: Bob Perry and Will Porter are revisiting the 1973 design brief of Bob's very successful Islander 28. The early drawings and measurements look a wee bit conservative for my eye.  I'd like to see more boldness...
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    One boat for life

    A thought experiment.  The Gods have gathered in council, and decided to give you a sailing boat boat, for life.  Free, gratis, and for nothing.  Fully maintained, and all boat expenses covered. But there are a few conditions: Thou gets only one boat.   You get it on your 18th birthday, and...
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    A great idea

    From Facebook Yacht club: 
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    1,300-Year-Old Technology In Comox harbour

    When I read the headline, I assumed that someone was throwing well-justified snark at Brent Swain's dilapidated hulks. But sadly, it's something much less fun.  Fascinating, but not fun 
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    Spanish Orcas again 
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    Dodgy teak decks

    Jessie Rogers works for the Jeremy Rogers boat yard in Lymington, England.  They restore all types of boats, and can build a new Contessa 32 if you want. Like other boatbuilders, they use teak.  So Jessie tried to get it from sustainable sources, as is required by law.  However, this seems to...
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    John Welsford

    For those who like their cruising boats small, here's a  2-hour talk by John Welsford
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    Girl with patreon account goes looking for refugees

    Sailing La Vagabonde is not just the market leader in sailing vloggers.  It's also unusual in that it combines a heavy dose of the look-at-me-having-fun stuff with bursts of paying attention to what's happening in the world around them.  In the Caribbean, they did some big beach cleanup work ...
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    Darwin Award for Kevin Greeson

    This here ammosexual is the late Kevin Greeson from Athens, Alabama. Kevin died in the invasion of the US Capital after accidentally tasering himself in his own testicles, triggering a fatal heart attack. There are still 357 days left in this year, but it's hard to see how anyone can beat Kevin...
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    Local angle on the news from D.C.

    Congrats to the Belfast Telegraph. You can't beat a local angle on the big news.  :D British Army Major General from Northern Ireland last man to attack US Capitol before Trump mob...
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    Eight bells for the man who proved that America was discovered by a Kerryman

    Farewell to the man who re-created the Voyage of St Brendan, proving that Murica was discovered by a Kerryman Adventurer Tim Severin dies aged 80 (
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    It's not a bug, it's a feature

    The joys of a torpedo bulb keel on a coastal cruiser From a real story of the adventures of  an Archambault A31 in Suffolk, England:
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    Maritime crisis in Ireland

    Fungie the Dolphin has gone missing from his usual hangout in Dingle: He has been living in Dingle since 1983, and is hugely popular.  He was reported missing earlier in the week, was spotted again, and has now...
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    What's going on here? I like these Suunto hand-bearing compasses. Very robust and lovely to hold.  No wonder the design has been unchanged for over 40 years. But ... "unisex". ??????? Can anyone suggest what would be different about a...
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    Micro deck saloon

    Breton ingenuity again.  Solo coastal cruiser for a disabled sailor, with deck saloon.  Only 15 feet long. Article in French: The profile rendering reminds me of one of @Bob Perry's delightful cartoons ... except that...