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  1. mathewgj

    X&Y (Barrett 11m)

    What's the story with X&Y besides being square and narrow? Seems like a pretty unique hullform, so I was curious how it goes (too big and too much ballast to be a sportsboat, but still)...
  2. mathewgj

    REO 7.7

    From ASBA FB:
  3. mathewgj

    Sea Gypsies Movie

    I just saw this movie at the Banff Film Festival Tour on Wednesday and thought it was great & truly anarchic - catch it if you can:
  4. mathewgj

    Buy My Boat (like updated Young 88/Ross930)

    I relocated from Seattle to New York, so I need to sell my boat, even though I love it: More Photos...
  5. mathewgj

    Turbo Synergy 1000 Bastard on the Hard

    I know this is the one-off Synergy 1000 with a weird powerboat-style deck house + some other upgrades. Anybody know about its current state/condition/owner (besides growing moss next the Locks in Seattle)? Should be out sailing instead of rotting there.
  6. mathewgj

    Sensor for attached flow on keel?

    Has anyone ever rigged up a sensor that directly measures whether the flow over the keel blade is attached and generating lift, or turbulent stalling out? Seems like a useful way to stay in even a narrow groove all the time.
  7. mathewgj

    Storm Dragon - Hobart - Any good?

    I know we're getting into sports YACHT territory here, but what's the story with Storm Dragon? Seems to be an owner design-build, but looks like a good example as far as that sort of thing goes...
  8. mathewgj

    What's this?

  9. mathewgj

    Balboa Blvd
  10. mathewgj


  11. mathewgj

    L'Irus 5.5

    from guillaume verdier:
  12. mathewgj

    lutra 30 must be really working out

    definitely not super revolutionary boats by any means but still very nice modern 30' racer - 56k sounds like a steal compared to mumm30 prices - guess not so much action on the class development front yachtworld
  13. mathewgj

    shaw 9m build pic
  14. mathewgj

    custom ross 8m

    i hadn't heard of this one before either (even though the keel doesn't retract . . . ) Ross 8m
  15. mathewgj

    Ian Vickers 7m

    How does it go/would go compared to a t7? Vickers 7m
  16. mathewgj

    West Sound SBA

    the turbo job even included cutting the hull and pulling chines into a round-bilged hull!
  17. mathewgj

    murrie 7.5??? sounds interesting
  18. mathewgj

    What's this?

    spotted in denmark:
  19. mathewgj

    photo needed posting

  20. mathewgj

    How Crazy Is WetHog?

    i was just wondering what % of all posts is AC anarchy are from wethog, and this poll came to mind. and i do mean crazy in a good way - i like the enthusiasm!