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    2019 Aussie Nationals
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    West Australian Multihulls

    Relocating,what's the go ?
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    3 identical hulls on a tri. Why /why not

    Thinking of building a boat for me and the kids. Some thing simple with no real need for accommodation. If the boat flys the main hull is their any need for it to be bigger than the floats?As far as construction goes it would be foam with the hulls built in halves so why not make all 3 hulls...
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    Windrush 700,remember these? Just saw this for sale and wondered if anyone had actually sailed one?Not many built as I recall,supposed to take on the Seawind 24 in the day but never really took off.Twice the price...
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    MC 60 Sealaunay²60/ Total multihull porn.
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    How to train your Beluga on a Friday
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    Happy Rocket day Larso

    Full uncut version of "that run". Can'y believe it's been a year onya Larso.
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    Larso and the Shakelton voyage
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    Who will be ISAF sailor of the year?

    The words of a true champion.Good luck Larso you deserve it.
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    Drunk skipper abandons tourists

    Been a while since we've had this happen up here.Last one I remember the skipper was tripping told the punters get fucked,jumped in the dinghy whit his guitar and left.Crew sailed the boat home,skipper was picked up drifting out to sea later the next day...
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    2013 NZ Coastal classic

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    US caravans in AUS.

    Need a bit of help with info on US made vans.Sold the house and looking at buying a van to travel around Aus.It seems that an imported van will get me a lot more for my dollar. Hoping someone has an idea on what sort of a reputation Keystone have. Done all the usual searches and they seem ok...
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    Age limits .

    Got a young fella who wants to enter a youth team in Airlie Race week but the NOR says there must be 2 POB over 18. He is 15 and has the ok from the owner to use the boat.His mates are about the same age. He recantly sailed the Brisbane to Gladstone with us and did a bloody good job.Have done...
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    Hittin the road for a year or so.

    We're selling up and hittin the road.The cooks health is not the best so the boating option isn't on.Next best option is a head off in a caravan.Thought about it a bit and not really keen on having to set up and dismantle too much as it will be me doing most of the work.With 3 kids it will have...
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    Whats your best story about your Dad stacking?

    Had a call from the old man yesterday to tell me he had been in hospital.Nothing too unusual as he is riddled with cancer. He lives in the house he built with his Dad as a holiday home above the cliffs in Pt Willunga SA in 1936.Every morning he goes down to the beach for a swim.If the waves...
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    Please keep multis out of the Hobart.

    The start of the Syd -Hobart is a bit of an institution on boxing day but fair dinkum I'm ready to start playing golf after what we,I mean some of us saw.Imagine the lack of coverage multis would get.As someone said in another thread the CYC has got to be one of the most backward clubs around...
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    Aussie Multihull Nationals 2013, Airlie Beach

    The 2013 Nationals will be held at Airlie Race Week from the 8th to 15th August. At the moment we are gathering as much infomation and feed back to try and make this an outstanding event.We will get a notice of race out early in the new year once we have a better handle on what people want. We...
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    NZ coastal classic new record

    Team Vodaphone has just set a new record of 5hrs 41min 44sec in the coastal classic. Any of you kiwi mob got more details or pics?
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    2012 Lock Crowther regatta video
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    The Box Boat Looks like an interesting concept can't wait to see them on the water.