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    Building bunks

    Need to build some bunks to set the i14 on (bene IV, so wider and no racks). any tips, tricks, guides, photos???? thanks in advance
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    Beiker 14s

    Can someone help me understand the differences between the various Beiker models 2 3 4 5 see various references to all but on the 14 site and elsewhere there is not an obvious description as to the differences and pro/cons of each. Also Beebes and Morrisons would help.
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    Beiker 14s

    Can someone help me understand the differences between the various Beiker models 2 3 4 5 see various references to all but on the 14 site and elsewhere there is not an obvious description as to the differences and pro/cons of each. Also Bebes and Morrisons would help.
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    Sail maker input

    In a recent OD rules meeting we discussed the latest polls regarding limits on materials and cut and it was suggested that we seek input from the professionals in the industry. We identified a few of the leaders and solicited their input with providing several questions. Some took the time...
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    Another Canting keel boat looses its keel

    Shockazulu Red Shock 40 seen floating upside down in San Diego bay this afternoon. Rudder and cannard attached but no keel. Friend called from the water. I'm sure more details will be coming.
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    attention i14 sailors

    Dr. Evil came over yesterday to help rig the Bene IV I got from Brettmx and after going through the inventory this main is found leaving the both of us wondering WTF? The emblem is a baby in a float ring with what I hope is supposed to be a rattle. We must know the story. Anyone?
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    This is bullshit

    This is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT and they might as well make the damn sail button a RED HAMMER AND SICKLE. I'm buying a boat from a boat builder hopefully not the sails too. I am NOT wanting to buy a fully loaded all inclusive Stevens 53 that includes matching napkins and fork sets. If I wanted an...
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    Kostecki out!!!

    So how long now before we see him announced as skipper of the Disney VOR campaign?
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    Pole Location Vote Side vs Centerline

    Some Pros and Cons Side mount pro: simple, stored pole is outboard, less likely to leak, longer pole possible cons: does not rotates, Centerline Pro: rotates cons: more control lines, more fragile. - Both are through the hull and NOT top mounted. - Maximum length with CL location is...
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    Autopilot Advice hey all you Solo guys

    Tried to get input in past without much true direction or a decision made and hope I can come to a conclusion this time around as delivery day is getting closer. Columbia 30 with transom hung rudder cartridge Looking for a substantial AP system as have ambitions of solo sailing along with...
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    Need boat yard recommendation

    Got a J105 I need to haul out to do some bottom prep for upcoming regatta. Boat is currently in Newport Beach and looking for closest yard. Any recommendations Dana Point to Newport Beach. Would rather not take it all the way to Long Beach.
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    San Diego NOOD

    So, who's in for Fiddler's Cove Friday night? Also, I NEED A TOW!! Sailing one of JWorld's J80s located at the Bali Hai. Could use a tow all three days preferrably from someone sailing out of South Shelter Island or Harbor Island. Hope to get on the course about an hr before the race...
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    1. Deciding on which brand/model of instruments to put on a new boat and wondering what is out there that will allow the integration of polars. 2. Are the only options to code into an eprom or NMEA out via laptop program that has polars? What's out there and what are you using. Not a fan of...
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    Something you don't see often in San Diego

    HOTDAMN .TODAY...S WIND 25 TO 35 KT WITH GUSTS TO 45 KTS IN SQUALLS. COMBINED SEAS BUILDING TO 9 TO 12 FT. DOMINANT PERIOD 9 SECONDS. RAIN Takin the afternoon off and gonna grab the J80 for some surfin practice if the crew won't wus out. Anyone else up for getting wet?
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    Charleston, SC sailing sceen

    Me and the wifey are visiting the weekend of 12/3&4 to check it out and interested in the sailing sceen. Any SAs in the area that can give a debrief on local racing sceen, OD, PHRF, and clubs? Interested in a possible sail that Friday or Sat if anyone is feeling generous.
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    Dingy rentals in San Diego

    Want to take the wife out on a dingy. Anybody know where I can rent a small 2 person dingy i.e. thistle, snipe, lightning, etc? All I can find is a capri 14 at Seaforth.
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    New School?

    It must really be new school cause I cannot figure out why you would want the binnacle in front of the wheel.
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    Another Rules ?

    Boat A (yeah me) sailing on STBD on a course just inside pin on port side of the line due to line not being square. Boat B approaching pin on port and pulls a typical leebow move just in front of Boat A and while still overlapped starts heading up to fetch inside the pin causing Boat A to come...
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    Max Q Melges 30 For sail Comments, history on this boat? Alternative to waiting another 6+ months on the Columbia 30? Curious.
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    Pictures of Genuine Risk

    Check to topic Question about a boat in SD Bay June 1st, Question about a boat seen on the bay. 15 pics taken this morning