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  1. JMOD

    Untold: "The Race of the Century" documentary on Netflix

    illusion is quite a cool class. they are actively sailing the winterseries in Bembridge in those little shitters...
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    Untold: "The Race of the Century" documentary on Netflix

    trim tab. by the way, the "international class" rules limits the amount of moveable underwater appendages to 2. as there were boats with 5 moveable appendages. (so it's the same for 6 and 12mR yachts).
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    Untold: "The Race of the Century" documentary on Netflix

    this is what is currently used by most modern 8mR yachts. design by howlett. f
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    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    They seemed to do ok at the Sydney Hobart
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    ClubSwan 41 - soft launch or floating an idea?

    the 36 is too extreme for most and very one trick pony, and the budget to run a 50 campaign is also quite high. i quite like it. a bit smaller than the old 45 and 42, but able to go around a racecourse at a home regatta, do an offshore race and race in sort of one design in a boat around 40ft...
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    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    in the netherlands, there are next year 11 j.99's sailing. 2 J/99 always get good results. Lallekonig is beating j.109's etc a lot, FunJ is also doing well. The ones that tend to struggle in big fleets, are the ones that have a furler jib, and single spinnaker, but this set up is also showing...
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    Pics That Get You...

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    Low Friction Inhaul Ring

    looks like a climbing 8 ring
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    sailed with a number of races on different locations where they used the marksetbot. really useful. with smaller boats, it means easily doing 5 starts a day without much waiting between the races.
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    What is this beauty?

    looks more like a nicholson hull wise, but the windows look off.
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    RRS 18 change proposals/test rule.

    pool noodles on a rope around the mark also help a lot in the visualization
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    Another new 6 metre

    often wondered about this, I am a big 8mr fan. i would love new boats in the class to push the envelope once again. Who would you have design a new cutting edge Meter yacht? since most of the races are now in relatively sheltered waters, design would call for good in light to moderate chop, and...
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    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Dutch boat press release out today! NextGen
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    yes, furler boom on this one. custom request apparently
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    J80 as a day Sailer

    They are fun daysailers. you could even soup it up with some flexiteak to make it easier on the feet. no need to change much as the deck layout is quite good and plenty of older but useable sails around from racers, which are perfect for cruising. However, in Europe, it is hard to find a good...
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    Best available opening pre feeder

    plenty of choice depending on budget and the size of you mast
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    Official Publication of AC75 Class rules

    well the coordination of the crew work was always something very cool. also the handling of the spinnakers, spinnaker changes and jib changes on downwind (or even upwind) runs was something special. the choreochraphy made it worthwhile even though the grinders provided little more than muscles...
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    Spinnaker Pole Location

    it is fairly easy to keep the downhaul at the current location. what we did on a 48ft racer with the pole was stow at the boom. downhaul attached mid foredeck as usual, but with a low friction ring around it, which we can pull to the mast base from the pit, to keep it out of the way.
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    Classic Yacht vs. Modern Performance Cruiser

    oldie but goodie
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    Alinghi Challenge AC37