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  1. TeamFugu

    Way to go WCB!

    Good on ya mate! I know you've worked long and hard to built up the Park City Sailing Assoc. from almost nothing to one of the largest Laser fleets in the Rocky Mountains. I think the award from US Sailing isn't near the reward you get from seeing all your hard work actually make a difference...
  2. TeamFugu

    Holiday Greetings

    OK I'm bored out of my skull here. Everyone's on vacation but I'm still at work. I'd just like to send out a holiday greeting to everyone from ass hat to rock star sailor here on DA. You all add to what goes on here in your own special little way. May you have a very merry holiday season...
  3. TeamFugu

    Saving Racing - from front page

    There has been some banter about this on the D-one and other threads about new single handers with kites. I think rather than get hugely off topic, I'll start a thread for the train wreck. My views from my time racing in a desert. "Join a club, and if there isn't one within reach, form one."...
  4. TeamFugu

    2007 Swift Solo North Americans and MPS Invitational

    Where: Jericho Sailing Center, Vancouver BC, Canada When: Clinc July 22 through 25, Racing July 26 through w8 Currently we have about ten Swift Solo's registered and one MPS. Though this is the North American championships for the Swift Solo, we invite the Musto guys to come play and train...
  5. TeamFugu

    Tastes Like Chicken

    BBC article on the T-Rex It looks like the T-Rex may be an ancestor to one of our favorite fast foods. Kind of an intersting article.
  6. TeamFugu

    WCB's new toy

    I may get in trouble and be nice to the guy. It was his first time out and we only had a small window of time. The proud new owner of an A class cat. The water was still a little lumpy from the storm that rolled through last night. The wind was about 8-10 and about 57 F air temp. and...
  7. TeamFugu

    Its here!

    You all know how I feel about my boat and the class as a whole. We now have a class website. It is still in its infancy and will be chaning frequently so come back and come often. There are links to various things related to the Swift Solo and articles by current owners. If you have...
  8. TeamFugu

    Contraceptive for kangaroos

    Conracetpives to be given to kangaroos. I know that the animal lovers don't like to cull animals but putting contraceptives on the grass for all animals to eat seems wrong. In this day and age where people are concerned with the unused portion of women's birthcontrol pills that are flushed into...
  9. TeamFugu

    Dramatic Sky on GSL

    This was a dratic combination of sky and reflection off the water durring a Wednesday night race on Great Salt Lake.
  10. TeamFugu

    The magic of sailing on Great Salt Lake

    We regularly get winds like this in the summer. A nice breeze that doesn't touch the water. It makes finding new wind a little bit of a bother but doing hull speed with not a wave to be seen is quite a treat.
  11. TeamFugu

    Skipper Handicapping

    I am interested about how most clubs that handicap skippers do this. I am going to start a Portsmouth fleet in my club but I have not decided if I want to add the handicapping of the crews as well. Do you try to make the adjustment so that everyone can be first or do you do it so that the slower...
  12. TeamFugu

    Cats VS Skiffs

    I've seen quite a few posts where this whole skiff VS cat thing turns into such a shit fight. What the hell is up with that? Both boats are cool and both boats are fast. Cats are probably faster as a group. I would love to have a T and I would love to have an 18. I personally have a...