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  1. dylan winter

    Mobo driver apologises -

    I know that cross posting between forums is frowned upon.... however, over at YBW a sailor using a classic Solent anchorage had his afternoon soiled by a big mobo owner using his Williams jet tenderto tow children on a doughnot through the moorings. The word blasting was used. I read the OP and...
  2. dylan winter

    Britain replaces a PM - the process unfolds with considerable alacrity

    At the moment there are 11 - maybe two more to come - chancers throwing their hats into the ring. The serving tory MPs - 358 of them - intend to get that down to two...
  3. dylan winter

    weirdos met in boatyards

    The ship is ashore for one week prior to a 100 mile trip to the Scillies with older brother and school friend. Scillies has marvelous sandy beaches so I have been making a pair of legs and fitting sikaflexed and bolted backing plates for the giant bolts... all in unphesably tight spaces. My...
  4. dylan winter

    Overheard on the water.... stories welcome

    It is easy to forget how well the human voice carries on the water. My brother had a tempestuous summer with his soon to be wife while racing GP14s. This was at a time when the f bomb  word was shocking. But move on five decades... This morning I was out rowing the Hyland...
  5. dylan winter

    Flying Coney - 82 foot conversion to tall ship

    Olsalt tacheman  is a bit shy about starting his own s anarchy thread so here is one  highly cred  ex cat racers - one with big hair and one with exciting tache buy a massive 82 foot liability and plan to change it into a tall ship the steering wheel is the size of jacuzzi fekkin admirable...
  6. dylan winter

    back on a mooring after months in a marina - thoughts welcome

    I spent Feb and March in Levington marina on the Orwell - 400 boats, three toilet blocks, you know the sort of place While it was nice to have a bird crap free boat and lekkie , overnighting is a bit like kipping in the back of a lorry park. We had a force 11 while I was there - felt as safe...
  7. dylan winter

    woodbridge boat art

    went for a walk in woodbridge Eversons yard - where they refurb and repair old boats has an art installation the sculpture does not float and it has a story this is eversons the yard makes me happy every time I go past
  8. dylan winter

    two marine grade bolts... £96.08

    went on a bit of a spree today
  9. dylan winter

    Greedy dirty UK Tories take mega cash from Russkies

    Current UK foreign minister and a  former prime minister drinking with russky big dollae donors they look more inncoent  because it is women
  10. dylan winter

    Why did TFG hoard the documents and were copies made and sent to Putin?

    I have watched much coverage of the document theft.  There seems to have been plenty of funny stuff sbout eating paper and failed comedic flushing.  I have some unanswered questions  Why did he hoard the paperwork? How selective was it? How much if it was being photograhed before it went...
  11. dylan winter

    Levington Marina .... 77 mph

    I thought I would stay on the boat and watch what might be an epic storm unfold.  Right now though it is calm and quiet
  12. dylan winter

    Hopyacht 30 - probably the worst £150,000 cat ever - vomitworthy

    Not very nice at all  
  13. dylan winter

    lighter than a flower pot for last ditch winter heating

    came across this while looking to bulk buy meths from ebay. I have the Taylor diesel but I cannot run it when the main is up as I get a backdraft from the main blowing down the chimny and it starts working in reverse. It works fine with the just the fore and aft set up though. I do run the...
  14. dylan winter

    boris is probably toast

    Boris new vivacious and fertile  wife Carrie had a feud with Dominic , who was the equivalent of meadows. When dominic  was ousted for fibbing about breaking lockdown regulations with a long car drive to see a castle   Carrie threw a number 10 party to celebrate her victory.... this was illegal...
  15. dylan winter

    graham comes over as all reasonable

    LG  seems reasonable here on high court And talking about Ukraine he wants to support Biden Splitting from trump on pardons too What is he up to?
  16. dylan winter

    the complete abasement of Ted Cru

    this pretty funny stuff
  17. dylan winter

    Tuesday meadows vote ... Will more repubs break ranks than did so for Bannon?

    I am guessing a few more than last time on the Bannon vote. Even the most blinkered repub must now know that the game is up and it is all going to come out. Those who got the power point will have to stick to trump... but the rest? Maybe feeling a bit wobbly surely.
  18. dylan winter

    Trump covid pos at pres debate, says meadows ...seems a bit naughty bit rude of him Would any of the  thinking repubs on this forum care to contextualise this for me?