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  1. ricwoz

    Worrell 1000 - 2022 Official Results & post-race analysis

    I made this by combining several different charts from the official site at  
  2. ricwoz

    The original North American Catamaran Racing Association

    I'm hoping a few people have some memories or even better links to the original story of NACRA, the racing series that spawned the now-well-known brand of beach cat.   As I remember it:  Tom Roland attempted to start a professional racing series using 40-foot beach cats right around 1975. ...
  3. ricwoz

    In this day where multihulls are cleary the fastest boats on the ocean, why do we even care about huge monohulls anymore?" Bob Perry,

    I read this quote on another topic: about the death of James Wharram, the pioneering catamaran designer.  Well, there are a lot of reasons, I suppose.  And I say this as someone who loves multihulls.   It seemed like a good question, intended as rhetorical by one of the most esteemed...
  4. ricwoz

    Spanish Yacht Club Rivalry

    Knowing little, but interested in the topic, I was wondering if anyone could comment on the rivalry between the two very old yacht clubs of Barcelona:  The Royal Barcelona Maritime Club (RCMB) and the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona.  (RCNB) Now, if Wikipedia is to be believed the RCNB was...
  5. ricwoz

    When Monsters Ruled the Beach

    I was looking at the revived Worrell 1000 site and I see that the race is being held using Formula 18 boats.   That's a great choice, and those are some seriously advanced machines.    It reminded me though of the excitement of the beach cat scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s when the...
  6. ricwoz

    Jules Verne Trophy attempts 2020

    The Gitana 17 team is holding (beginning Nov 1) waiting for the weather report they like to set sail in their record attempt.  Their web site has a  countdown clock on it, and will be the place to monitor the attempt once it is underway.  Anyone else keeping an eye on this?   
  7. ricwoz

    MOD 70 vs. ORMA 60 - what's next?

    The "Pure Multihull Porn from the mythic front page"  thread and videoos were excellent and got me thinking about the evolution of these big boat classes The ORMA (Ocean Racing Multihiull Association) was a official racing rule propagated by the ISAF  (now "World Sail") in 1996 and active...
  8. ricwoz

    Your current favorite blue water boat - 50' or less

    So,  I'm introducing a fun topic to hold us over through the virus.  What blue water boats do you favor for world cruising.   A small crew, 2 to 4 or 5 people tops.  I grew up lusting after boats like Pacific Seacraft,  Valiant yachts, Hans Christians and that sort.    But now we have...
  9. ricwoz

    bluewater multihulls

    VS.  I'm interested if even the denizens of this board, the multihull one, are sometimes still partial to monos for certain applications.   Specifically longer short-handed blue water voyages.   If you were given the choice between, for instance, a production cruising oriented multihull...
  10. ricwoz

    What defines a true circumnavigation?

    A friend is flying from San Francisco to Delhi, India and then home via Newark.   He said "I'm circumnavigating, kinda".    And so we talked about that.   Circumnavigating is a big deal to a lot of sailors, and I know that there is a difference between using the short cuts of Panama Canal and...
  11. ricwoz

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    I live in Washington state so neither of these shows is convenient for me.  I'm thinking of taking a trip to attend one or the other.  Attending either will be a short vacation, where I also spend a few days in the area being a tourist.    I'm wondering if some of you have attended both (or...
  12. ricwoz

    NACRA - finally!

    It took me over a year of working on this article and four attempts at submitting it to finally have it accepted by the "New Articles" editors at Wikipedia.   It was a little frustrating at first, but in truth they were trying to keep the quality of Wikipedia up, which is a good thing.   And...
  13. ricwoz

    Hobie USA drops several catamarans.

    Interesting to see how Hobie has cut back their beach cat offerings.  I was just looking at their web page (for USA) and the Wildcat is no longer listed as one of the boats they offer. Also: the rotomolded catamaran line-up is also shrinking.  The T2 is...
  14. ricwoz

    Are the F18 (or F16) going to adopt foiling?

    The NACRA 17 and even the NACRA 15 have gone to foiling technology, but those are one-designs.   Of course the A Cats have had it for a while and did a lot of the experimentation and development for foiling beach cats, so there is a precedent for an existing box-rule class to permit the use of...
  15. ricwoz

    Anyone sail beach cats in the Columbia River near Portland / Vancouver

    Finally got some vacation and took a day trip to Timberline Lodge to see Mt. Hood, then down the back way to Hood River.   The wind was up and the kites were out! I haven't been there for a while, and it's gotten really huge.   They have a bunch of ramps and a few people were doing spins off...
  16. ricwoz

    New vs. Old school blue water 37 footers?

    For a couple doing long range cruising in the Pacific it used to be that a good affordable boat would be something like a Pacific Seacraft 37.     I sailed to Bermuda on a Hans Christian 36 many years ago, and we hit absolutely horrible weather and the boat never gave me a worry, and sort of...
  17. ricwoz

    catamaran vs. trimaran for open ocean racing?

    I thought an interesting discussion (that I would probably learn a lot from) is the topic in the title. The cat vs. tri question is an old one, and it seems that maybe the answer is not the same in every decade, as advances in design and materials drive one vs. the other. I'm confining my...
  18. ricwoz

    NACRA article for Wikipedia

    In googling NACRA I noticed that there is no generic article for NACRA catamarans thought the NACRA 17 and NACRA 15 both have individual articles. I felt it would be excellent for there to be a Wikipedia article on the NACRA family of sailboats, so I have created a draft. I have loosely...