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  1. Great Red Shark

    Front page screed

    features photo from NON AC Event...just sayin' (Looks to me like the 12 Worlds, ahead of the Fremantle cup perhaps)
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    Lidgard 29 - what does the collective know?

    Asking for a friend? Not much information at all on them in the US - little help from down under please? Thanks.
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    Down goes Frasier!
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    Still Angry

    So the gist of it is somebody tried to register it as a stock Cat 25 ?   Nothing to see here?  Gonna have to shift the boat a lot farther than THAT if you want to pull that one,  no? Assuming that in it's racing heyday it was properly declared/certified (of course) wouldn't the rating just...
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    Nice work, Boys
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    If I was gonna do a coup... But...Here's the THING: That Special Forces insignia on the General's shoulder... it DOESN'T (just) mean that...
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    Weird and Pointless

    thoughts,  no particular order: 2) Pretty good camera work and Look. Artful & attractive. 4) Why isn't she hanging on to the jib sheet in the cat sequence - it's more comfortable, even but mainly it would have her DO something other than drape her ass on the scenery.   But for a little...
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    8 Bells for Butch Parker

    Just saw the story - got a call from the Chief about it while sailing the Wednesday nighter last night. So long, my friend.    When we last spoke he mentioned some serious ongoing health issues,  so perhaps not entirely a surprise,  but the world is a little less fun without that guy now. And...
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    Today in history USS Indianapolis hit
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    Motorsport videos that don't suck

    Good stuff only,  like
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    Today, 1851's_Cup
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    4 / 24

    1895 - Joshua Slocum sets sail from Boston aboard Spray. 1916 - Ernest Shackleton sets sail from Elephant Island. Go ahead and tell us how tough YOUR day was... 
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    Boom, and just like that....

    It's been 50 years since Led Zeppelin released their first album.  (today)    Welcome to geezer-dom everybody. fuuuuuu..... 1969 WAS a watershed year - Woodstock, Altamont, Midnight Cowboy, Easy Rider 
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    Harbor 20 Championship

    Come on now - is there not one we can commandeer so the Ed can field Team Anarchy in Newport - I see that going so very well.
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    When do you just fucking Give Up ?

    Years back I wanted to get back into dinghy sailing,  and bought a used boat at a fair price - discounted because it needed a new mast. Bought the new mast and it failed.  Simply broke about 3 feet down from the tip,  while sailing in from a day on the water.  No capsizes,  no mast strikes, ...
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    A fine Sea Story:
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    Thanks KMag

    Great write ups, thank you - and it's always good to remind yourself not to let the little frustrations (and bigger ones) damp the fun of sailing well and honorably.  Thanks again for taking us with you guys on the 125.
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    The Other Day the music died

    To remember the radio announcing that a chartered Convair CV 240 had gone down with Lynrd Skynrd aboard.. "Sweet home Alabama,  Play that dead band's song Turn those speakers up full blast,  play it all night long." - W. Zevon
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    Eight bells for Harry Dean Stanton

    One of the great character actors - Red Dawn, Repo Man,  Pretty in Pink,  - all in 1986 alone - and many,  many others.
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    Eric Trump,

    First yesterday's refutation of his statements a couple years back that they were hip-deep in rubles,  now today gets quoted as being so upset by the opposition that he doesn't consider democrats to be people... The distraction of the day ( Look, a squirrel !!!! ) or the rise of the New Dumb ?